Five years ago the DOR read this book. At the time she wasn't focusing on horse behavior, she was reading to understand how her son saw his animal friends. It was a big help to her, however she had forgotten much of what the book said about the animals themselves. Well the DOR is getting older and sometimes she can't even remember why she went to the kitchen, so forgetting information in a book is understandable.
The DOR has been a bit puzzled about some of the behaviors she has seen in me and Sir Royal Pain. There are some behaviors that she feels just make no sense...well maybe not to her, but they make perfect sense to us. So she has returned to this book, reading it in an attempt to see our side of things. It only took her two chapters to realize that she had been frustrated by some of our behaviors for no other reason than they made no sense to her from her perspective of the world-but they made perfect sense from our perspective of the world. She will be changing some of the things she is doing so that we can communicate better.
I guess you can teach an old DOR new tricks.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!


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