Last ride?

This photo was of one of the last rides the DOR took on me before my accident. We had two more rides: one trail ride and the final ride was a lesson where she finally got the courage to lope me again after I had launched her. I had my accident two days after our final ride, but what a ride it was.
I am almost a full year out from my accident and the DOR now knows that I will never carry her again. I will be able to carry a lighter rider, in fact I have twice for a short period of time. So what does that mean? The DOR has decided that if I can't carry her then she is going to have to become a New DOR. How will she do this? Well over the past year she has lost 30 pounds and now she is going to take more serious steps to loose another 100 pounds... Yep you read it here, she is going to loose enough weight so that she will be light enough to ride me again once I am finished healing. She is dedicated to our partnership and will do what she needs to do to keep our partnership as whole as possible. Until then we are playing ground games and working at liberty.
I am excited about the DOR making this effort. It will make her healthier and she will be able to finally do that endurance ride she has always dreamed of. She is hoping to be ready by next summer.
So the New DOR and I will be riding together again one day.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!


Anonymous said...

You should be very proud of your DOR, for having accomplished what she already has, and for wanting to do more so she can ride you again once you are all better!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Wish the DOR congratulations from me for already losing 30 pounds. And I wish her continued success on her weight loss journey in the coming year. Be nice to her this is a very hard mission she has embarked on and will take lots of willpower, but will be worth it in the end if you can ride together once again.

Jocelyn said...

fantastic Syndi!

Weight loss will improve not only your size, but balance, mental attitude and ability to ride longer and farther for endurance. Go you!

I should know I lost 50 and man what an improvemnet.

wilsonc said...

What a worthwhile goal your DOR has set for herself. Congratulations on the 30 lbs lost and hang in there for the rest!

Unknown said...

Wow. That's love.

kden said...

I agree, love and honor in the highest form. Looking forward to more pictures of both of you together again ♥

Cheryl Ann said...

Syndi, I, too, will be doing a weight loss journey. It is just too hard on my back the way I am! Keep in touch, okay?
~~Cheryl Ann~~

Powell River Books said...

Good for both of you. You sure have a wonderful relationship. - Margy

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Awwww! It must be great to know how much your DOR loves you and is devoted to you that she would set aside her time and focus to get herself back to being healthy again, while still spending time with you, just playing and working on your relationship together.

If only all horses were as lucky as you, Jack.

Go give your DOR a hug and nuzzle today. She deserves it!



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