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Innocence lives in the eyes of my horse... especially when he is peeking into the barn to mooch treats

I have been on paddock restriction since Monday evening. I came in for treats like a stumbling drunk, barely able to stand. I was fine in the morning...something went wrong with my nerves during the day. I was struggling to stay on my feet, the DOR was frightened for me. The DOR had the vet look at me, he drew blood, and said he thought I had a virus. The vet gave me several shots, I didn't appreciate that one bit. He said it was very important that I stay on my feet, that it would be bad if I got down...I listened and stayed standing, but it was very hard. The DOR said that she was going to hang me in a sling if I went down. I didn't want hung up and stuck in one spot, I would look stupid, so I stood! The lab results aren't back yet, so the DOR doesn't have a name for what I had, she is saying I got into bad firewater....hmmmm
I have never seen the DOR look so worried, she was more upset than I was about the whole thing. I didn't like the fact that Shandi had to move in with Salty and Freedom so she wouldn't knock me over, I don't like being by myself. I got a shot every day for 4 days, I am not fond of shots but I got treats for being brave. I have also been getting lots of medicines and supplements in my treat tub TWICE a day! I like that...the DOR mixes in molasses to cover the icky medicine taste. I have tried to follow her in the barn several times to mooch extras. I even peek through the barn window with my innocent face, with some pathetic thrown in, to see if she will cave in-she does and I get four berry treats.
I got Shandi back yesterday and spent the whole day in the pasture. I am still a bit wobbly and trot crooked...but I am bouncing back quickly. I will tell you more about it next week.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!


Unknown said...

Holy cow, Jack! We hope you're all better real soon!


Milk this for more treats, Jack. Trust me on this.


Cheryl Ann said...

Jack, you have to bat your eyelashes, like I do, at your DOR. They falllll for it every time.
Tee hee! I, and the rest of the herd, are gladddd to hear that you are better! I BET your DOR was worryied. (I don't spell as well as Scout!)

Anonymous said...

Wow, Jack, that's scary! Glad you're feeling a bit better - it's nice to get extra treats when you're not well, but it's better to feel more like yourself.

restoration42 said...

DOR and Jack, We are so, so sorry that you are sick. You and your DOR have been through alot together and we know that you will bring each other through this. Bet you and the DOR are working on all fronts - the vet, the chiropractor (anything get scrunched when you did your canter last weekend?) and activating Appy Power. Sounds like it is working and we are SO SO happy your health is already improving. Red, Lyra, and Cherie

mrscravitz said...

Jack, Sissy ask me to tell you to put your chin on your DOR's shoulder. It works for her every time to get extra treats! LOL I am glad you are better, but I am anxious to hear the reports of the blood test. It kind of sounds like you got into some kind of fermented fruit? I so hope it is nothing serious!

Cactus Jack Splash said...

I didn't get into any fermented fruit...that might have been a bit fun though.
I am getting a bit better everyday. The DOR won't be happy until I am back to 100%
I got an adjustment and energy work done on Wednesday. I also am being given my food in tubs that are my "energy color". The DOR is pulling out all the stops to make sure I get well.

Jackie said...

Wow Jack now you just simply have to get better soon. I am so sorry to har that you are sick!! Special hugs just for you!!

Jack this is a message for your DOR. I certainly understand your position but also wonder if you have thought to check to see if this fee would be a tax deduction for you.

As you run a charitable operation for the horses I would think any means through which you advertise to raise money for them would qualify as a deduction.

Just a thought. I am bookmarking and blog rolling you to keep in touch no matter which way you go!!

I can't miss seeing Jack!!

marge said...

Jack - I'm focusing my "get well" thoughts on you - sounds as though you're getting better. Keep it up.


Rambling Woods said...

Oh your poor thing and poor DOR worrying about you. I didn't know that horses can get viruses that make them so sick like people can get. Feel better and tell you DOR not to make herself sick with worry.. Michelle

jc said...

Major sends love and equine best wishes for a speedy recovery


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