Look what Sir Darby did!


We all know that Sir Royal Pain, okay Sir Darby, likes his own space.  It has not mattered what gender, color, or age the horse that was put in with him he was not nice to them.  He would chase them, bite them, kick them, and not let them get to the water or food unless he didn't see them do it.  That all changed for some reason today.
A young, lonely BLM mustang paid Darby a visit.  Not only was Darby nice, he even seemed to enjoy the visit.
He even let the little guy eat without giving him the pinny ear treatment.  Darby didn't grump at him at all.
Darby was even kind when the DOR gave the visitor a scritch.  Usually Darby lights into the middle of any horse that pays attention to her.  The DOR was glad to see Darby enjoying a visitor, she feels he should be with a herd of some kind.  She wishes he would learn to share his pasture, but at his age she knows it is going to take one special horse for him to be willing to give up his "man pasture".
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!


mrscravitz said...

Sir Darby you are a gem! Glad you have a pasture mate now! Friends are jewels in themselves.

Libby is a funny girl...she does not like Star to eat from the same tub, BUT will ALLOW Buddy to share her meal! ummmm....

Enjoy your new found friend!

Serena said...

aaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwww. :)


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