Poor Shandi Doll

This is my Shandi Doll checking out a bucket of betadine solution.  Now you might be wondering why she needed a bucket of betadine solution.   Well here is the reason:

She managed to give herself a pretty good wound.  The DOR, SCC, and Horse Guardian spent about an hour hosing it down and cleaning it up so that it wouldn't get an infection.
They got it nice and clean and then coated it with antibiotic ointment.  She was a very good girl for them.  There was some tail swishing and foot stomping, but that is minor for how uncomfortable she must have been while they were cleaning her wound.
The DOR again wished that we could tell her what happened, she hates not knowing how we get hurt.  She needs to trust that we know and won't do it again-at least not on purpose.
Shandi Doll will heal up fine and all will soon be forgotten, well at least by us horses.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!


Florida Beach Basics said...

ouch - but it's in the shape of a heart, so she'll look a little like you while it is healing! betadyne is great stuff, isn't it?

fernvalley01 said...

looks like a snag to me , hard to say what she did , they can truly hurt themselves on air

Grey Horse Matters said...

Poor girl, that looks painful. I hate when they do stuff like that. Hope her heart shaped wound heals quickly and she keeps herself out of trouble.

Anonymous said...

Hi there! Can I ask you how you came up with the name Shandi Doll for your horse?

Thank you! :)


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