Lots of progress!

The DOR has been busy with lots of horse activities!
Here she is on her first ride on The Mighty Q.  All the patience and hard work really paid off, it was like they had been partners for years.  She is so proud of him.  He has been to a clinic and will be going to a trail clinic on April 7th.  A long way from the horse who had been labeled a "man killer" and was looking at being destroyed.  I want to thank all the people who helped save him, it was a life worth saving and Q is my best friend.
 Sir Darby took a very special lady for a horse ride.  Sofia has Batten Disease and had a wonderful time coming out and riding.  I know I often call him Sir Royal Pain, but Sir Darby is worth his weight in gold and is so good with granting children's wishes.
My sister Hanna has been to two clinics and is doing well.  She is smart and brave.  She will even let the DOR ride her with a bright pink flag waving around.
Mushboy's little Icelandic Tahkoe is now started under saddle.  She has a lovely tolt and is doing well.  She never bucked, not even when loping.  Tahkoe is going to be a very good saddle horse.
Salty The Wonderhorse is busy smoozing.  He has been modeling as a centerfold for Mare Magazine and has many fans.

 Shandi attended her first clinic this year and did a wonderful job.  She was soft, responsive, and did not forget any of her training after her winter vacation.  The DOR and SCC think she is going to be a good kids horse and play an important role supporting a therapeutic riding program.
Here I am with Mighty Mouse, aka The Little Soprano.  I have to tell you even though he is now gelded he still thinks he is the head stallion.  He is also a big party pooper.  If he thinks we are having too much fun he gets in the middle of things with sharp teeth and hard hooves.  We all have marks from the little monster....
Little Sister is up to weight, her coat is thick and soft, and she is getting more spots.  She gave a short ride to the DOR's granddaughter.  The DOR is thinking that Little Sister needs a job and is going to start her under saddle this year.  She has also joined the mare herd, so is going to have lots of friends.
This is Mickey, he was a sheriff seizure that the DOR fostered for a bit.  Mickey came to her as a 16 year-old, neglected, not handled much stallion who had lived on his own in a small paddock.  She had him gelded, put him out with the gelding herd, and started him under saddle.  He is a smart guy and came a long way quickly.  The photo is his second ride, pretty amazing.  He went to two clinics this year and was out with mares.  He focused on his his job and kept good manners.
Mushboy is doing wonderfully.  The DOR located a photo of one of his wild relatives.  They are both pretty cute.
Well that catches you up.  I will be better about posting in the future.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!


Powell River Books said...

Lots of things happening. We have a therapeutic riding association in our town. They are very well supported by fund raisers and donations of money and time. - Margy


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