You did what with my hooves?

I recently found out a dirty little secret that the DOR has been keeping.  She who rescues horses, decries the eating of her equine champions, and has been know to spend the night in the cold rain comforting a sick horse has a twisted side...let me show you

See what she did with our hoof trimmings?  She fed them to her dog!  Now that dog has a hankering for horse hooves.  What is to stop that predator from coming out and start gnarring on my hooves rather than wait for the DOR to bring it trimmings?  Next thing you know I will be walking around on stubs...
Fair warning to all canines-if you come out and try to eat hooves directly at the source I am going to put a big ol' appy hoof upside your head and kick you into the next century.
DOR, I am not amused and I am plotting how to point out the error of your ways.  I am thinking about feeding your hair to the llamas.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!


Desert Rose said...

hee Hee! But doesn't your dog get sick from them....most of our stable dogs do :(((

Powell River Books said...

Our little dachshund loved to go to the stable with us. She especially liked it the day the horseshoer came and left wonderful, tasty treats on the ground, just for the taking. - Margy


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