My little sis

The DOR went for a ride on Hanna today.  I must remind you that Hanna is one of my little sisters, so of course she is wonderful.  They rode together out in Hanna's pasture and had a good time.  Hanna even tried to herd the llamas.  She did try to show me up a bit by wearing only a bosal and walking over a branch that had a waving white grocery sack hooked to it...
Nice try little sis, but I don't try to kick other horses when I am carrying a rider because I am in heat.  You also have not shown that you are a fearless, surefooted mountain horse like I am.  Keep showing off with those grocery bags and I will keep strong and steady with deer leaping in front of me.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!



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