Darn wind and darn Shandi

I don't like the wind. I really don't like it when I have to walk through the alley way from the barn paddock to the pasture, I call the alley "blue tarp hell". Yep I went there and used a potty word...I'll do poop duty for that later. Going through the alley past the flappy trap is horrid for little spotted ponies. Shandi's one job in this world is to walk between me and all blue tarps, after all she can't spend her whole life being cute. Well yesterday she didn't want to go to the pasture after our treats at the barn and I did. I tried chasing her out of the paddock, but she is quick and sneaky. Shandi started down the alley then she sat on her haunches and spun, running back to the paddock. Well that was just plain dirty pool...she knows my hind end isn't working right yet. I went back to the paddock and chased her out again, I even nipped her little rear. She tried to spin past me again, I blocked her with my big rear and bumped her into the hot wire. I think that taught her a lesson because she stuck right by me going down the alley. Once we were at the end of the alley she turned and went back to the barn paddock, that was just fine because I was well past the tarp. When she got to the barn the DOR gave her more treats...I called for her to come back and get me and she just ignored me. I called again and Shandi looked at me like I was a big chicken. I am not a chicken, I just want her to understand her place in the herd. I'll show her tonight, I am staying in the paddock and getting all of the treats-so there!
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!


kden said...

I'm with you Jack. I hate the wind and things that go flap in it. We had a lot of trees go down in Spokane, thankfully ours was not one of them. I hope today is a much calmer day for you now.


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