Quote for the week

Wow grandma, I love that horse! It is spotty and big-I think he is the best horse in the world.
~The DOR's grandson

The DOR's grandson came out to visit. He is nine and the smartest kid in the whole world, I know that because he said I was the best horse at the ranch. He liked my spots and came in to give me scritches. The DOR stood right by him to make sure that I didn't bump him or nuzzle him to much. He kept looking up at me and saying how big I was, how pretty I was with my spots, and how nice I was. I kept kissing on him...you see I have a soft spot for little human foals, they are so cute. The DOR took him to meet all of her other horses after I was done with my treats. He gave them all their treats and then came running back to look at me some more. He asked the DOR if he could feed me more treats, she gave him some cookies for me to eat. He asked if he could go for a ride on me, oh how my heart sank. I would loved to have given the little guy a ride, but I can't do that yet. Well all the more reason to get better soon, because the DOR's grandson said the next time he comes to visit he wants to ride me. He said that he wants a horse just like me and called me his buddy Jack.
Isn't it wonderful to see a small human fall in love with horses. It is a wonderful feeling to be the first horse a child loves, a bit like the Velveteen Rabbit in the book and his friend the Skin Horse. Well now I have a new goal, to recover enough to be able to give the DOR's grandson a ride on the horse he thinks is the best horse in the world.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!


wilsonc said...

Introducing our 4 grandsons to horses has been one of the biggest joys of being a grandparent. Two of them have taken riding lessons and the youngest probably will too.

Jocelyn said...

oh ow sweet!

I am a long ways from being a grandparent , but i am sure looking forward to it!

Leah Fry said...

My first grandchild is due October 3, and I'm already looking at buddy saddles and buddy stirrups. Unless Poco has changed his attitude, he doesn't think much of kids, but Jaz loves them and they love him back.

Jack, quit messing around and get well enough to give that boy a ride!


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