New owner....

Not me....the DOR has a new owner. Seems that ownership of the DOR is like a corporation, with several horses being in partnership. The new owner that has joined our corporation is a little mustang named Freedom's Lady. The DOR calls her Free for short.
Free has been here for close to two months getting acclimated to humans and attending basic "charm school". The DOR made Free a promise when she came here that she would always be safe and happy. As their time together was coming to an end the DOR began to worry that she had made a promise she couldn't keep, that is something she has never done in the past. So the DOR asked the rescue to let Free become one of her owners, along with the rest of us. While Free may not always be here with us, she will have the DOR watching over her for the rest of her life-an angel making sure her life turns out the way the DOR promised.
If you would like to read about Free, her past, and the journey we have all had with her here until now go to Freedom's Lady and enjoy catching up.
Just so you know I have Shandi in time out, she has been running around calling me a "tard". I will catch you up on that later.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!


Florida Beach Basics said...

promise made - promise kept. good solution.


Grey Horse Matters said...

She's a lovely girl and I'm sure she'll have a happy life with good care. Lucky girl.


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