Mr. Muscle

The DOR says I have to go back to work...
Seems that we are going to start doing walks, walking up hill, walking down hill, walking over things, walking around things. Heck we might even walk out and herd the cows around. I just hope the DOR knows that if the bull starts chasing us I am soooo outta there, she is not hiding behind me.
Why are we walking? Well the DOR says I need to tone up and so does she. I keep telling her it is all muscle, but she points out that muscle gets flabby if it is not used. Since I can't be ridden still we are going to walk. She even threatened to take me on a trail ride/walk.
The DOR is pleased to see that the supplements are helping to keep my coat darker.
By the way Miss Shandi Pants threatened to kick me yesterday. I am now interviewing the mares at the ranch to see who wants to teach her royal snottiness some manners.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!


Jocelyn said...

well there is nothing better than walking with your DOR to get some exercise in !

Appy Butts look horrible flabby :) Makes the spots droop !

wilsonc said...

Your not alone! Boo and I have been walking for the past month! Hoping to up that to walk/trot this month. We'll see what the PT says after my ride yesterday. Think it's gonna be good news as I'm not feeling any pain. Yippee! Good luck on those walks!

mommanator said...

O that Shandi!
Maybe you should chase her around the pasture to get some exercise

Powell River Books said...

My doctor tells me the same thing. Do as your DOR says, not as I do. - Margy

Betty said...

I wish I had a big strong fellow like you to walk with. My hubby walks to slow and my little dog Sadi has to pee (mark the path)every few minutes.
Hugs and Smooches ♥♥♥

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

How dare she try to kick you. Naughty grouch.....must be her time of the month, Jack, so you might want to give her a little break :)

Have fun on your walks, Jack. Try to count all the blades of grass you see. It will make the exercise just breeze by.



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