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Whether we use a saddle or walk side-by-side, Boogie this is our journey together and I will always enjoy the "ride"~ DOR

I am leaving for rehab this week, so the DOR will be taking over my blog with the help of the rest of the herd.
The DOR and I had a long talk yesterday. I knew she didn't want me to leave, but she knows I need to go. She misses me terribly when I am not here. She depends on my daily smooches, hugs, and conversations...yep she talks to me all the time. But what I couldn't figure out is why she was afraid to have me go away. I could feel the fear every time the conversation came up. Turns out the DOR is afraid she will be told she will never be able to ride me again. Why would that make her afraid? I wouldn't be afraid if I was told that the DOR could never ride again. When she had her heart attack all we could do for a while was take walks, sit, and even read books together (yep the DOR read me books). The DOR and I have been working on this fear of hers. If for some reason I can never carry her again she can ride another horse. But really what truly changes? We can play in the arena, imagine the tricks I can learn (clicker training here I come). We can go down the trail, walking side-by-side. We can do shows, parades, take trips to the beach...the only thing that will be different is we will become more equal in our partnership.
The DOR has made a commitment to be serious about her physical therapy, she feels she can't ask me to do something she isn't willing to do herself. The DOR is also going to start studying equine therapy so she can keep supporting me in my journey. She is also on a mission to loose 100 pounds, she plans on doing an endurance ride next year. She also says that she and I will do an endurance race, even if we jog it together-she jokes about starting Special Olympics for horses.
Yep, regardless of how we take this journey the DOR and I will being taking it together for the rest of our lives and that knowledge brings us both a sense of peace.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!


Florida Beach Basics said...

Be brave and work hard (both of you). marge

Pinzgauer said...

Good luck in rehab, I'm sure everything will turn out perfectly, regardless of what that perfect is.

One Red Horse said...

Jack, I love this post cuz it teaches about how many ways us humans and horses can enjoy one another. Riding is a gift, but I think anything done with my horse friends is bliss.

Desert Rose said...

What a great attitude Jack...work hard though...I think you really do like your DOR on your back!

Mountain Woman said...

Dear Cactus Jack,

Be well on your journey and all of your fans will be rooting for your recovery.

I don't ride my best friend but we relate in so many other ways thanks to a little device known as a clicker. I don't have to sit on her to know we are buddies and your DOR loves you.

Here's to success for both of you.

fernvalley01 said...

Hopes and prayers for a succesful rehab, for both of you . Chin up DOR , he is a wonderful horse, and will be a special part of your life however it turns out


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