Freedom speaks Saturday

I got my feet done this week. It is a bit harder to do these days because I have trouble standing for my hooves to be done. My left hind is especially troublesome for me to support my weight on. I have to have someone hold my tail, push a bit on my right hip and right side of my barrel. My farrier is absolutely the best! He gives me plenty of breaks, works extra low if needed, and will even let me lean on him just a bit if I need to do so. The ranch assistants brought out my girlfriend to stand with me so I wouldn't be fussy. The farrier says I grow hoof faster than any horse he has ever seen...that is because I am unlike any other horse he has ever seen. Besides I have had 47 years to perfect the art of hoof growing and am pretty darn good at it.
Life is so good!


mommanator said...

funny! never thought of how that was done before, guess I thought you'd sit on your butt for the front! see I really am horse illerate!

Unknown said...

47? Wow! I thought you were maybe 25!



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