Quote for the week

Horses need a job, they don't like being on welfare
~Buck Brannaman

I am still recovering from my injury. I am not even a year out yet and am doing really well, but I am BORED! I am doing my therapy exercises, but they are no fun. I miss getting to play, getting to work (other than working on extending the time I can trot), getting to see new things.
Well the DOR realized how bored I am so last night she took me to the arena with four other horses and we played horse soccer. The humans all lead their horses, I think it was so I wouldn't feel bad about not being ridden. Sir Royal Pain was being a bit unresponsive for the DOR's nephew The Wrestler. The DOR did something she has never done before, she asked The Wrestler if he would like to play soccer with me...she never has let anyone other than a trainer or the therapist work with me before. I was so excited I was going to get to help a person new to horses have a good time. I was on my best behavior-no snorts, no squirts, no jumps, I even kicked the ball for him. The Wrestler and I had a great time and the DOR was very proud of me. Salty the Wonder Horse was even able to join us for a game of soccer, he and Mushboy had a good time too.
I made it clear that I really want to work and play. The DOR realizes that she can come up with lots of things for me to do so that I feel like I have a job. My job this week is to help Sir Royal Pain teach the Wrestler about the wonderful world of horses.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!


Anonymous said...
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Leah Fry said...

Before I was comfortable riding Poco, we used to walk obstacle courses. Now we enjoy riding them. Poco seems to enjoy the engagement, especially barrels.


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