Quote for the week

"If you don't pony a horse before you die you might regret it."
~My Farrier

My farrier had been teasing the DOR about never having ponied a horse and said she was getting older and shouldn't waist any time putting it off because she might regret it. She told him "I am sure that I am going to lay dying and think- Damn I should have ponied a horse"
Well she decided that maybe she should pony a horse and I volunteered to be ponied. Things went really well, even if I made a few faces at Sir Royal Pain. He didn't try to kick or bite me, not even when I stuck my nose on his butt or tried to nuzzle his neck. The DOR did get after me for pestering him, I was just trying to make sure she learned to pony really well by providing different situations for her to deal with. We made sure she had a good experience and felt really successful. See you can teach an old DOR new tricks!
I guess the farrier was right....
the DOR won't have to regret never having ponied a horse now. In fact she plans on the three of us doing more of this, so she can enjoy both her horses at the same time. Maybe if we get really good at it we will go out on trails together, that would be fun.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!


Unknown said...

I like being ponied - you get out but don't have to carry anybody. Tough to snatch grass though. --lily

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Good job, Jack for not biting Sir Royal Pain in the butt. Then he'd have every right to kick you to the moon. lol!

Looks like the DOR can scratch the ponying off of her bucket list now. Me thinks her farrier is a funny, but wise fella.


word verificationL sumfook

Sum Fook pony their hosses.

Once Upon an Equine said...

That looks like fun Jack. Nice of you to help your DOR reach her goals. What might your farrier challenge her to do next?

mommanator said...

Good Job

Sherry Sikstrom said...

Not sure if you must do it "before you die" but it is a great skill to have with horses and for horses , and will likely be a big help in your rehab Jack. And good on you that you were a good boy and did not bite the "royal behind"

Anonymous said...
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