Quote for the week

You should eat like a horse
~The DOR's doctor
A year ago the DOR's doctor told her she should eat like a horse. Now we all know that the DOR is a slow learner and she didn't follow his directions. Well now she is eating like a horse, small meals often, so she can ride me when I am ready. She is also eating mor veggies.
I think more humans should eat like a horse. I will get a bit worried if she starts sharing the pasture with her herd...
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!


Grey Horse Matters said...

At first glance I thought your DOR was going to start snacking on grass and beet pulp. Glad it's only going to be carrots and apples. Whew, that was a close one.

I had a nutritionist that recommended eating every three hours even if it was only a handful of baby carrots or nuts etc. just to keep the metabolism going. Good plan.

Sherry Sikstrom said...

Good advise I should take as well . Jack you should stop by my blog , my little bay filly was off to a show today . She did Appy's proud, just a babe and the only appy in the class

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

And here we think that horses eat a lot, but they are really just eating small amounts of low nutrient/low calorie grass all day.

I used to think birds ate very little, but they eat very similar to horses.

Animals are much smarter than we humans.



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