Yesterday afternoon the DOR was told by the Dr. that she has a cute bronchitis. I think he is mistaken, she has a ugly bronchitis because there is nothing cute about it. In fact it is so ugly I am not sure she should be near me...it is going to take away from my blingness.
Her eyes are running, she is sneezing (which makes me jump), coughing, Kleenex every where, and sounds like she has been breathing too much dust. She can hardly talk. That is a bonus because she can't yell at me if I am naughty...but she still has that mean look she can give that makes you fear for your life, so that is enough.
Her Dr. gave her some cough medicine with codeine in it, so she is a bit goofy and can't drive. That also means she can't ride either. Oh darn more vacation time for me...I am soooo sick of just hanging around the pasture eating-NOT!
Rumor has it she should be feeling much better after a couple of days on her meds. The DOR has a list of things we are going to do once she is better. Well I have a list of my own too... Maybe we can compromise and do a few things off of each list, that would be fair. The truth is I miss getting to play in the arena, it is always fun to see what new things the DOR comes up with.
So DOR stay home, take your meds and get better soon.
By the way those of you who think my niece Shandi is delightful, I am going to make a post on Thursday just about her. She is available for adoption at Sunny Acres Ranch, though I would miss her it would be nice for her to have a DOR of her very own.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Grey Horse Matters said...

Oh dear, I hope the DOR is feeling better soon and you can both get back to having fun.

One Red Horse said...

Get better fast DOR. My mom has a bronchitis that attacks her every spring. She says her friend Zpak helps her get well. Do you know if Zpak has any CDs out?

Your friend, Red Horse

Cheryl Ann said...

I get bronchitis all the time, about twice a year! One year I even got pneumonia TWICE! Ewwww....!!!!! Your codeine will help you get rest and your body needs to REST! Zpacks do help, also. Honestly, I didn't even get a cold this year after my two cortisone shots! Which means that next year, I'm sure I'll get 3 or 4! GOOD LUCK and rest!

Florida Beach Basics said...

DOR - get plenty of rest and get better soon. marge

Anonymous said...

DOR get well soon!

Paint Girl said...

Hope the DOR gets better real quick!
I used to get bronchitis a few times a year. Nasty stuff. Even broke a rib from coughing so hard. Now I just get bad colds, which have lessened to about once a year. I did get pneumonia last December though. That was terrible.

Mountain Woman said...

Jack, you are right, there is nothing cute about bronchitis. I sure hope your DOR gets better really fast!

Rambling Woods said...

I just came from ICU where my Mom.. Please take care and don't over do. rest..rest..rest..


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