Treat tub merry-go-round

See this pretty little face...a face that could steal a thousand treat tubs, or at least try.
We boys all stick to our tubs and lick them clean. Shandi eats hers as fast as she can and then tries to beg off of Uncles and Gampers.

Grampers (Freedom) and Shandi start out side-by-side eating their treats.

Salty and I hang out, well at least until one of us is done. Then the one that is finished heads of to mooch off of the other one-neither one of us will share. Salty will actually pin his ears at me when I try to share, that is okay I just swing my big spotted butt towards him if he starts heading my way.

Freedom gets his soaked treat all over his face.
The little filly will come over and clean his face for him once he is done with his tub, go figure Shandi really loves her treats and Grampers.

Here is Shandi trying to steal a tub from me, I guess I should give it back it was her tub to start with, but hey she walked away from it to play kissy face with Freedom. The little twerp only left me some slobber in the bottom of the tub, is that any way to treat her favorite uncle?
Well at least the DOR shares her treats with me, as long as they are good for horses. My favorites are the granola bars she likes to eat.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR

Edited to ad:
Thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers. The Cow Wrangler had dye shot into his heart yesterday evening, there is no blockage. He has a nerve that is misfiring and causing this trouble. He will head to a specialist soon to have that fixed. The Cow Wrangler is not the DORs husband, that is the Support Crew Chief. The Cow Wrangler grew up at the ranch where we live and still lives there. His situation is serious, but treatable.


mommanator said...

you are so beautiful, I saw your hind end better in these flicks.

fernvalley01 said...

so glad your friend will be OK .

Florida Beach Basics said...

that's good news! marge

Breathe said...

Hmm. He may need a pacemaker. Hope he continues to do well in good hands.


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