Mooooove Cows

The DOR and I went to a cow clinic on Friday evening. The DOR was still running a bit of a fever and coughing, but she couldn't stand not riding....so off we went.
This little cow was trying to get Mr. Weidenbach to save him from the spotted appy that was following him around. I was relentless in my pursuit and got him in the corner where he was supposed to be.

My sister went along too. Between the two of us we had those cows shaking in their hooves. I was so excited that every once in a while I did my jumping car imitation because I wanted to really get after those cows. I finally figured out that slow and steady worked out better that fast and furious.

This picture was taken by the DOR while she was riding me, see how nice and still I am standing.

Here I am concentrating on my job. I was watching the cow and listening to the DOR at the same time...I am very talented.

This is a very short video clip, the DOR had to get ready for the cow heading our way.
I had a great time. Every time they traded groups of cows I got happy, I would nicker at the new cows and wade right in. The DOR would pick the cow she wanted me to cut out from the group and I would get it every time. If the cow wouldn't move I would shove it with my nose, I know better than to bite them because that would be mean. I was also very good at making the cow move to the different areas of the arena and turning it when I was supposed to do so. There were 10 horses, ropes flying, some horses bucking and running, pigeons flying around, and the wind rattling the arena, all that and I was a cool as a cucumber. This trust thing is working out very good. I even side-passed over to the arena rail, loaded with buggers, and let the DOR get her camera that was hanging there. I have never done that before, I don't like getting squeezed up by the rail, but I was on my best behavior for the DOR because I want to play with the cows again soon.
There was one cow who started bawling when it got roped, it scared a bunch of the horses, not me I just went over and sniffed it. I really like this cow working stuff...here is hoping the DOR takes me again soon!
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Anonymous said...

So your DOR is trusting you more now - that's great progress in your training - DORs are a lot of work! Keep up the good work! (We like cows too, we've even herded them wearing an English saddle (Maisie) and ridden bareback (Dawn) - but Lily was disqualified because she lunges at and bites the cows when they don't move fast enough!). Maisie and Dawn

EvenSong said...

I know that arena! Never been there on a horse, tho--Mr. W. did some demos for a summer camp group I brought to visit.

If you think Friday night was windy, Jack....Well, you shoulda been here in the K-valley Saturday and Sunday--It was so bad, none of my horsies had to do anything like work (well, Beth got to play in the round pen with the saddle on for a bit).

I've been thinking about coming to one of those clinics with my Kate horse (in my avatar). She's been in to the neighbor's cattle pasture once to just get to know the cows better--she talks to them across the fence all the time. I think you would get along with her real well.

Next time you come up this way, honk REAL loud on your way past the overlook at the top of Manastash Ridge, and I'll wave at ya!

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Good cow-pokin' there, Jack

Cactus Jack Splash said...

I stayed up your way for 3 weeks at the Trailboss's. He lives out in the mountains off of hwy 97. Sometimes the wind blew up to 50 mph on the top of the hills. He made me work in the wind...I don't like the wind at all.

One Red Horse said...

Jack, sounds like you are a very multi-talented horse. Were you ever a cow-horse? Silly me, you ARE a cow-horse.

Florida Beach Basics said...

Jack - Google is having some blog forwarding issues, and my blog notation is not being updated on your Blogs I Like to Visit. Please ask DOR to be sure that the link is www.spacecoastbeachbuzz.com.

Sounds like you're a good cow horse. You're making great progress in learning new skills.

Thanks, marge.

Cactus Jack Splash said...

Fixed the link and updated the name too...thanks for letting me know it wasn't working

Paint Girl said...

That is great news Jack! Cows are nothin' to be afraid of! Now if only you could tell that to my 2 girls! They don't like cows.

mommanator said...


Mountain Woman said...

So sorry your DOR is still under the weather but I can understand her not wanting to miss out on a fabulous day with you.
Sounds like you are coming along so nicely and you both had a great time. I admire how calm and respectful you are being. I could see you listening with your ears.
Great work Jack.

jc said...

You do lead an interesting life, Jack!


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