There is a tiger in the arena!

The DOR came out the other evening to take me to the arena to play. I was excited to see her with a halter, it always means fun, so I ran over to meet her at the gate. Well actually I started walking slowly, being super cool, then I trotted until I couldn't stand it any more then I ran and stopped right in front of her. I got my smooch and the she put the halter on and we headed to the arena. There was something new in the arena, actually two somethings. But the one big something got my attention...it was a tiger, oh my!

I did a double take. There was no way this was going to be fun. Tigers are dangerous, they eat things...things like lovely spotted horses. What is the DOR up to? Did I make her mad? Is she feeding me to the tigers? The Trailboss wasn't this mean to me when I was at trail horse boot camp.
The DOR had me do my groundwork to start things off. It was a bit hard trying to pay attention to her and watch that tiger at the same time. Then we played the circling game...the DOR kept sneaking the circle closer and closer to the tiger. Before I knew it I was doing circles only 5 feet away from the danger zone.
The DOR let me take a break from circling and lead me around for a bit. She lead me over by the tiger and let me meet it.
I gave the tiger the fearsome "appy stare". It worked because the tiger didn't move a muscle.

I got closer to get a better look and to sniff it. The tiger still didn't move.

I even touched it and the tiger didn't move. The fearsome appy stare worked. I was so good that the DOR picked up the tiger and carried it while we walked around the arena. I even let her rub the tiger on my neck. You see I learned to be brave at trail horse boot camp, the DOR has almost all of her confidence back, and we both know the value of humming our way through stress.
By the way the other something in the arena was a giant tweety bird. It wasn't frightening at all, in fact when I was loose I went over and played with it.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Kate said...

Love the photos!

Lin said...

Is that something you have to teach the horses--bravery?? I never saw that before and I was curious.

Breathe said...

My alpha mare loves putting things in the dusty circle. It's an unhealthy obsession if you ask me. -- Canyon

fernvalley01 said...

Looks like the fearsome Appy stare works!

Cactus Jack Splash said...

Horses are brave, but we also have a strong survival instinct. I am working on courage...being able to deal with things that frighten me without jumping, snorting, and trying to run away.
Does she make you play with torture toys? What is it with humans?

LeopardAppy said...

Great Job with the fearsome Appy stare!!

Dusty Devoe said...

Cute Pictures!

Paint Girl said...

This is just too cute! I never thought of bring large stuffed animals out to the arena to desensitize my horses! Oh wait, I don't have any large stuffed animals! But I love this idea!
Jack, you are very funny, the appy stare. Cute, cute, cute!

Desert Rose said...

Oh Jack...we have the very same Tiger, and he does look fierce...at first glance! Then as you saw...he was just your friend!!! Jesse has a Pony friend about the same size as the Tiger you should meet!

Leah Fry said...

Give that fearsome tiger and Tweety what for, Jack!

jc said...

I don't think Major would face the tiger! He's always on the look out for tigers in bushes - this would confirm their existence!


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