An award

I have been given the Honest Scrap Award from Kate at A Year With Horses
If you receive this award, you are to credit the person who bestowed it, give it to 10 other blogs (let them know) and tell your readers 10 things about yourself that they don't know. The award is supposed to go to blogs that speak honestly, from the heart.

Now for 10 things about me (Jack):

1. I love my treat tub. Now that may not sound surprising but in the summer besides our vitamins and minerals the DOR gives us a bit of garlic and apple cider vinegar in out treats. The other horses don't really like treats like that, but I gobble mine right up and try to steal the rest of the treats (the DOR won't let me because too much garlic can cause anemia in some horses).

2. In my past I was used as a heeling horse...cows feared me. Now I am learning to sort cows.

3. I don't like baths but I love to stand in the sprinklers. I love to roll in the dirt after I get wet, great way to deter bugs.

4. I have my DOR trained to give me a kiss when she first sees me. She also says this joke about me to people "Jack is a pigeon toed, cow hocked, Roman nosed, mutton withered, flat backed, jar headed appy and I love him because he is absolutely perfect" She smiles the entire time she says it, she loves me to bits and it is an inside joke.

5. I love apricots! I love apples! I love carrots! I love corn husks! I love horse biscuits! I love peppermints! Heck I just love to eat!!

6. I can tell the difference between the crinkle of a grocery sack in the DOR's pocket and the cello wrapper of a peppermint. The direction I run is determined by which thing is making the crinkling sound.

7. I love being an Uncle...it is fun to get to play with the baby. I will even share my treats on occasion.

8. I think there is nothing better than a good massage...well extra treats might come close.

9. No matter how hard I try to just saunter over to the DOR when she comes to see me I always end up running. I get so happy when she is around, I want to follow her every where.

10. My job is to keep the DOR centered, honest with herself, and happy. I work very hard at it. I am getting better at my job with each passing day.

Now you know a bit more about me.

Now for passing the award on, I am picking the awardees this time...the DOR is a bit stumped, she hates just picking a few blogs:

1. Pony Girl Rides Again
2. For the love of a horse
3. grannies ramblings
4. Baba Yaga's Mirror
5. I is Roxie!
6. Meandering with Marilyn
7. There is a Horse In My Bubblebath
8. The Thoughtful Horse
9. jessesdesertrose
10. Leah Fry- Barn Door Tagz

Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Reddunappy said...

Thank you your spotted awesomeness! LOL I will post this wonderful award shortly!! oh spotted one!

Jocelyn said...

Oh thank you oh spotted one. I will post tonight :) thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Jack, for letting us know more about you. I agree, you are doing a good job training your DOR - she seems to be getting better all the time! Dawn, Maisie and Noble

Desert Rose said...

Hay Jack!!! It was so great to hear you speak honestly!!! LOL Thank you so much for the award however I just recieved this same award a few months ago. Please feel free to pass it to another of your great friends!!!

Once Upon an Equine said...

I enjoyed learning more about your Jack. You're a great guy. You and my Marley share a love of treats and rolling in the mud.

Meandering with Marilyn said...

Thank you Jack for giving me this Award and thank you for telling us more about you. MO(My Owner) will have me put the award up soon.

Sharkbytes said...

Jack- Do you kiss your DOR back?

Cactus Jack Splash said...

Yep I smooch the DOR. I also give her hugs

Pony Girl said...

Thanks Jack! :) PG has to work on this post too as she recently got this award, and I will work on mine at the same time! If I ever get a break from all these trail rides she makes me go on, LOL!


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