Freedom speaks Saturday-calves

It is my favorite time of year at the ranch...calving season. I loooooove calves. I love them so much I steal them from their moms and keep them for myself. Since it is Valentine's Day weekend I want to share the love, I want a calf.
The calf in the picture was almost mine.
The little calf's name is Quigley and when he was born his mom rejected him. This is her second calf, the one she had last year died. She wasn't too sure about being a mother. Well that is where I come in, you see I like being "Uncle Freedom" to little calves. I would have adopted this calf and made sure he grew up to be a lovely bull. Now the humans would have been Au Pairs, feeding the little guy with a bottle. I don't get to raise him though, his mom decided that she could love him after a couple of days.
I love to be in the cow pasture during calving season. I protect the calves from predators. The DOR says the problem is I won't let their moms near them either. Well have you seen how big their moms are? The poor little things could easily get squished. But the calves need to nurse and try as I might there are some things I just can't do. So I am here, waiting it needed, to take care of a motherless calf and it is a job I am good at.
Life is so good! Oh and Jack told me to remember to say: Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!


Leah Fry said...

What a little cutie Quigley is. He looks like he's wearing his Mardi Gras mask.

Jocelyn said...

Freeedom needs his own calf, Star is a baby stealer too :)

That calf is cute, but they grow up to be scary moo cows!

Grey Horse Matters said...

That is one cute little guy. Glad his momma decided she liked him after all.


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