Weekend trail ride

The DOR went out on her first trail ride of the year. Granted this ride was a second-rate trail ride because it was not me taking her. I did give Sir Darby trail tips before he took her out. I told him to watch out for tumble weed twisters, make sure no wild furry creatures attacked the DOR, to make sure to do nothing that would scare the DOR, and most importantly bring her home in one piece or I would give him a big ol' appy hoof upside his head. Sir Darby informed me he has four big ol' appy/percheron hooves of his own and that I better hadn't be so uppity, alrighty then.
Sir Darby was a good boy, although he was a bit picky about stepping in weird looking dirt and only wanted to be in front if he could see the trailer. He didn't spook at anything and is very sure footed. The DOR even flapped like a chicken and made strange noises, Sir Darby didn't care in the least. He just thinks she is a bit strange. The DOR thinks that Mushboy would be fine out on a trail ride with Darby, once he takes a few riding lessons.
Sir Darby did lodge a complaint about wearing his halter under his bridle. I have told the DOR that this is bad form. Buck Brannaman says only pig farmers ride like that...well I guess we may have swine showing up at the ranch with how often the DOR rides like this.
The DOR plans on taking Sir Darby out as often as possible until I am ready to hit the trails again.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!


wilsonc said...

How does Buck propose that we tie up if we need to when we are out on the trail minus halter? Hobbles?

Mama H said...

Well, Jack, its either wear our halters under our bridles, or have them tied to and flapping around on our saddles. Which would you prefer? When going out on trail, one must always take some sort of tying device. Or do you have another suggestion? Glad to hear that Sir Darby and your DOR had a nice ride!

Heather said...

Jack, enjoy your vacation! I'm sure SD will take good care of the DOR.

Someday we'll have to meet halfway when your better and do a trail ride together!

Breathe said...

We have a "halter" policy, too. It's annoying.


If Cibolo was better behaved, he wouldn't need a halter all the time.



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