I hate therapy!

I am still doing my therapy. Walk in one direction for four times, trot in one direction for four times, then turn and repeat in the opposite direction. Then I have to back up a slight incline for a few steps. The DOR has been having me do my therapy during the week in the pasture before I get my treats. I have not been nice about it this week at all. It is hard and I have to wait for my treats. The past two days I have been bucking a bit...I blame Shandi Doll for that.
Shandi goes running by like a race horse, bounces like Tigger, and the tags me on the butt with her nose. How am I supposed to concentrate with such a distraction. She also comes over and follows me around my circle with her little nose buried in my tail. When I stop she wanders over to the DOR for scritches. Shandi and her bouncy cuteness is making me look bad. Then to top things off she decided to show off by going backwards while bucking at the same time, the DOR just stood there amazed...what about my five steps backwards up an incline?
The DOR is going to work on finding a way to make my therapy more like a game than the same boring thing everyday. I would be happy just to go to the arena and work, that way the little twerp can't be pesty while I am concentrating.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!


Breathe said...

Jack, the steps up the incline are WAAAAY harder than bucking. Any goofy horse can buck.

Betty said...

Jack,you have to remember that to achieve something you want you must work very hard. I volunteered to help on the Zodiac To get her ready for the sailing season.I didn't know that I would be able to sail on her as a crew member,well I do . I worked hard and I was rewarded. I am scheduled for 4 sailings if I can handle it I may get to go more times. they are concerned about my upper body strength,but as you know I have been working very hard on that,and It is going to pay off.So Jack you keep up the good work and you will be rewarded too.
♥♥Hugs and Smooches ♥♥

Cactus Jack Splash said...

That is so awesome Betty...do you think they let little spotted ponies on the Zodiac?

Powell River Books said...

Hey Jack, keep up the work. And Betty, I agree with Jack, that's awesome. I know how much you enjoy sailing. - Margy

Desert Rose said...

Maybe the fact that you are getting so much of yor DOR's time will help you know how special you are to her Jack!

Florida Beach Basics said...

tell Shandi that perky can get very annoying quickly. marge


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