Less words Wednesday-Freedom gives rides again

Freedom is a heck of a riding horse. He has been retired from giving any humans rides for a bit over a year now. He loved giving rides to Dakota, he loved booking down trails, and herding cows. He loves giving rides so much he is now giving rides to one of the ranch cats. This video was taken by Mushboy.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!


EvenSong said...

Too Cute! I had wondered the other day if the still photo was just a momentary perch, but obviously the Kitty has found herself a cozy vehicle from which to tour the world. Go Freedom!

Betty said...

That is a great viedo Mushboy did a wonderful job. Freedom I am glad that you and the little kitty are such good friends.
♥♥ Hugs and Smooches to you and Jack ♥♥

Mama H said...

How cute! I've seen cats sleep on horses' backs before, but never go for a ride! Great video.

Desert Rose said...


Breathe said...

That is so amazing! I'm not sure who I'm more impressed with :

Mushboy for excellent filming
The Cat for just getting out there and riding
Freedom for not bucking off that mountain lion relative.


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