Is it spring yet?

Has spring arrived yet? The birds are tweeting, the buds are starting to appear on the fruit trees, the mares are in heat, and there a sprigs of grass sprouting in the pasture.
I am hoping for spring. This has been a wet winter. We aren't used to this much rain. Rain makes mud and with all the clay in our soil it makes really goopy mud. The moisture also makes for some interesting smells emanating from the dairy next to us. The DOR tried to tell me that I smelled like swamp water and then she realized that it was "poop pond" in the neighboring field sharing its lovely aroma.
I hope the mares go out of heat soon. All the squealing, kicking, pawing, and kicking is driving us geldings nuts...and that is just Sir Darby doing his stud imitation. The mares are all singing backup to his raucous song.
Freedom wants the grass to grow taller so he can start tearing some off to gum on all day. He chew grass like Mushboy chews gum, he chomps all of the flavor out of it and then spits it out getting some more. He also loves it when the flowers bloom, Freedom loves his flowers.
The best part about spring is that the days are longer. With longer days the DOR gets in some ride time after work. Here is to spring and all of the fun that it is going to bring.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!


Cheryl Ann said...

Jack, I like Spring, too! I go out and eat tumbleweeds!
Tee hee!

Breathe said...

I hate mud.

It's the slippy part that drives me crazy.

Desert Rose said...

Spring would be good...but my weather is just right, 70 ish degrees! I just hate it when it gets into the 90's! Then it's time to head north!!!

Leah Fry said...

I'm sick of mud, too! And I'm ready for more daylight hours.

fickleinpink said...

your DOR surely loves you!
nice place!

keep warm!

waiting for the train


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