I want to be a chicken

So Trudy the chicken gets the run of the barn. She flies in and out of the window, gets all of the grain she can find, and gets to snuggle down for the night on something soft. I am thinking that I would like to be a chicken, that way I can get in the barn whenever I want. Of course if I was a chicken I don't think the DOR would spend as much time brushing me, talking to me, or playing games with me. I would also have to worry about some cat or dog trying to make a meal of me. Maybe just getting treat tubs every evening is better than being a chicken.
Yesterday I posted about Buck Brannaman saying that only pig farmers leave their horses halters on under their bridles. There were lots of comments about how do you tie your horse on the trail without a lead rope? In his video "The Making of a Bridle Horse" Buck teaches how to use the end of your mecate rein to make a halter that allows you to tie your horse. The DOR can't figure this out, she needs to see things close up and learns hands-on so all she ends up with is a twisted mess. I guess she needs more practice.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!


Cheryl Ann said...

We had chickens at our desert home when the kids were small. I got them from my cousin's dad, who had a 40 acre ranch down in Thermal. I also got some geese (3), but they chased me all around the yard and so I returned them!

Jocelyn said...

Jack, You can tie the rope halter andleadrope snugly against a D ring on the saddle. I have saddle bags for trail rides and i put on in there for halter, hoof pick etc...

Mama H said...

I have to agree, Jack. Using a mecate on trail is really the best way, because you can use the lead end to tie with, without adding extra bulk to your horse's face. However, if some big draft horse stepped on your mecate rein and broke your slobber strap, then you must improvise. I'm just saying. Cowboy H taught me how to tie my mecate reins up, maybe I can do a photo tutorial.

P.S. I think that you've got it way better than that chicken ;)

Rondell said...
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Rondell said...

Girl, you better hope the sanitary department don't come over to your house. They shut y'all down with them chickens having the run of the place.

Breathe said...

I don't like chickens. They flap.


I think I'd look great with a feather boa.


Betty said...

I don't want you to be a chicken you are to fine a horse so stay just the way you are Please.
♥♥ Hugs and Smooches ♥♥

PS. I don't know what a mecate is. I will google it then I will know.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Now what would a pig farmer do with a horse anyway? Silly Buck! lol!

I'm a very visual person, too. I can read it over and over and just won't get it. I need someone to show me, then I need to go and do it myself several times before I finally 'get it'.



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