Freedom speaks Saturday: Great weather, no time for bed!

So the weather yesterday afternoon cleared up. The sun was shining, my old bones were warming up, and I had things to watch-it was not a time to be going to bed. Mushboy showed up with my dinner and went to tuck me in, well I was having none of that no siree Bob! I took off at a trot across the pasture. Mushboy followed so I loped circles around him. I was making that kid mighty frustrated because he got to hollering "Whoa Freedom!". Well I am an old guy and I don't see or hear to good these days and I am sure he was hollering "Go Freedom!", so go I did! I was loping here and loping there and Mushboy was getting all mad. He went to the barn to get a halter, he was intending to catch me. Well I am not going to let him catch me with that bad attitude he was showing so I just stayed five feet ahead of him. The DOR told him that he should be talking nice and being pleasant or he was going to be all night trying to catch me, she was right. I know that it never takes longer than 30 minutes to change Mushboy's attitude, but I got all the time in the world if it is needed. Mushboy adjusted his attitude and I let him catch me. The DOR told him that I was being good and he should tell me so, she told him that I didn't need to cooperate while he was putting the halter on and that I could have taken off at any time. Mushboy thanked me for being good and then tucked me into bed.
While I love my mush, the weather was so nice I really would have rather stayed out and played. Yesterday I was feeling like a teenager again, happens every Spring and I love it.
We are all getting cleaned up today. The DOR has asked me not to be so hard on Mushboy. I will think about it, after all a young man needs to respect his elders.
Life is so good!
Oh and Jack told me to remember to say: Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!


Leah Fry said...

Those young whipper-snappers need to be kept in their place. Good for you!

Cheryl Ann said...

We're having RAIN here in the desert today and a snow warning for the mountains, so our mom won't be able to see us!
Scout and Cali~~~~


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