Only I can do this!

The DOR may "dance" with other horses. She may ride other horses. The DOR might groom and pet other horses. But I am the only horse that can make her this happy....yep I am the DOR's happy making appy! She even gets tickled with my mud covered face. She asked me if I had been doing somersaults or headstands...what ever. Doesn't she know the benefits of a good mud facial?
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!

Horse update and help request:

OUTLOOK -- Police want your help to find those who shot several horses over the weekend, killing one of them.

The Yakima County Sheriff's Office says four horses in a pasture near Price and Hudson Roads near outlook were shot between Saturday night and Sunday morning. One died, and another may not live.

Owners used the animals as riding horses for kids. deputies are calling the crime animal cruelty and vandalism. If you know anything about the shooting, call 509-574-2500.


Mrs Mom said...

Jack, how could you NOT be the Happy Making APpy? You rock! ;)

As to the horses who were shot- it sure seems like we are hearing more incidents like this all over. Not long ago here in GA some jagoff shot an older kids horse with arrows. (They caught his miserable arse.)

Prayers going out for the horses, and their family.

Cheryl Ann said...

Jack, you sure bring a smile to your DOR's face! We try to do that to ours, too!
~~Scout and Cali~~in SNOWY Southern California
P.S. We are sorry to hear about the horses that were shot. Some people are IDIOTS.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Only you can do this, because you're one special appy, there's a reason appy and happy rhyme.

Jocelyn said...

Happy Making Appy ! Love that!

Star does the mud behind her ears deal as well.

That is so awful about those horses that were shot. I hope they find the ****** that did that and hang M HIGH!

S.W said...

I wish if I could have a horse, but there is no way to get one here.
There is bad people in this world trying to enjoy killing others and this is so bad.
Be in safe

Anonymous said...
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Powell River Books said...

That is such terrible news about the horses that were shot. It's hard to understand how some people think (or don't think). - Margy

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Awww, so nice to se you and your DOR together. You make a cute pair :)

Horrific and tragic what happened to those poor horses. How can anyone be that cruel! What? They can afford a hunting license for deer, so they shoot horses instead?!



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