I am so pleased with myself

The DOR thought it was a bit too cold to ride, it makes her arthritis act up. So she decided that we would work with her toys, aka tools of torture, and on my getting emotional when trotting fast or loping.

As you can tell the flag is not my all time favorite thing. I am not blowing marbles when I see it anymore. I can even tolerate it flipping and flapping around me.
Today my head was so itchy I thought it might make a good thing to scratch my head on. The DOR was very pleased to see me deciding that the flag was not going to eat me. She also thought it was grand that I would rub my head with it. Well alrighty then, just goes to show that humans can be easy to please.
For my next trick I stood, well mostly stood, while the grocery sack was waved around. I don't care what the DOR says, I know the minute she isn't around that bag will try to eat me! I did give it a good sideways glance...that was after I showed the DOR how well and fast I can sidepass away from a bag.

I gave it a sniff. I was actually thinking about biting it, but I thought it might bite back. I didn't want to get into a fight with the bag because I needed to keep the DOR safe.
Since the bag was on its best behavior I put my nose on it. It seems that there is currently an operating peace treaty between horses and grocery bags. I am not ready to completely trust the bags, they have a long history of eating horses, but I will try to hold up my end of the treaty.
The DOR had me work on my gaits after we played with the "toys" of torture. I worked very hard at not getting emotional, I ended up getting a bit snorty but I worked my way through it. After we were done the DOR let me loose so I could roll. I decided not to roll, trying not to get too dirty.

I then decided to stand by the thinking post and pose. I am really pleased with how well I did today. I faced things I was afraid of, with the support of the DOR.

I like this herd of two we are creating. The DOR and I find courage and confidence in eachother...that is a nice place for us to be. The plan is to keep working on my gaits a bit each evening, then if the weather permits a ride next weekend.

Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Janie said...

As well you should be! Good on you!

Florida Beach Basics said...

the DOR is a good teacher - her students are lucky to have her!

Daisy said...

I am very proud of you!

Kimmy said...

I am haapy to be a part of your world. Kimmy

Cactus Jack Splash said...

Thanks Janie and Daisy, I appreciate your complements.
Florida Beach Basics, the DOR loves her students...she can get a bit like a momma bear if people mess with them.
Kimmy, We are glad you are part of our world!

Andrea said...

You crack me up with your "tools of torture". And Jack, you are one very well behaved boy, and that bag won't eat you, I promise!

The W.O.W. factor said...

Cactus! You are sooo Pretty In Pink! And glad you are enjoying your Twosome time!


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