Two special things

That is me in the foreground, but you already knew that. The mountain in the background is Mt. Adams. The DOR always likes it when she can see the two of us together, there is a special reason for that.
The DOR's grandfather has a "ginormous" ranch that overlooks Mt. Adams on one side and Mt. Hood on the other. While her grandfather has crossed the rainbow bridge her grandmother and aunt still live at the ranch. Her grandfather was a sheep farmer and had over a thousand acres.
The DOR used to spend time in the summers up at the ranch. She would spend most of that time riding one of the ranch horses all over the place. The horses would always head home at dinner time, so she never got lost. She would also hunt for Native American artifacts and catch snakes. I am not sure why she would catch snakes, except to scare her sisters with.
Every time she sees Mt. Adams it brings back wonderful childhood memories. Then you add my lovely presence to the mix and she gets doubly happy. The DOR loves the time she gets to spend with me and she loves the mountain (her grandfather loved that mountain too). What more could she want then to spend an evening looking at two very special things-me and the mountain.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


fernvalley01 said...

OH Jack ,you gave me a start this morning! In that light you look soo much like my old Catana horse that I had to let go(put down last fall) Not to say you are girlie by any stretch just colored much the same and have the same gentle look

Powell River Books said...

Memories are special things. I've been thinking a lot about the past lately, packing up all my stuff for moving. I even got to travel through some very familiar territory heading north to Washington. I'm glad you are part of your DORs fond memories. - Margy

Betty said...

HI Jack, You are very special. Your story of the mountain reminds me of Walton's mountain that old TV show I use to like that one.
Hug and smooches

Shinade said...

Hi Jack,
First thank you so much for dropping by and saying the very nice things you did about truckers.

My hubby was so excited to get a welcome from a horse as special as you!

And thank you for telling us about your DOR's lovely childhood memories.

I have been up there around your part of the country many times with my husband.

It really is very beautiful. I hope you have a great weekend Jack and give your DOR hugs:-)

Andrea said...

What a great picture. I love it. And the story of the mountain is really great. I love to hear about old memories.

Mikelodeon said...

wauw, what a great looking horse I see, its an appaloosa I believe. Love to see more skywatch pics with this one :-)

Cindy said...

What a handsome boy! It looks like you have a beautiful home, too. Thanks for stopping by and identifying Spirit's nose.


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