Skywatch Friday No. 31

Hi I thought I would share a couple of picture of the view of the sky from where I keep the herd. It is beautiful year round.
This is looking south toward Horse Heaven Hills.
This is a close up of the trees. There are hundreds of birds who make the trees home and the singing at times is almost deafening.

So here is my favorite old oak. This is the view that greets me every day when I come home and get out of my car.

Here is the very top of the branches. There are several crows that build nests and raise their families in this tree. They are joined by a band of squirrels and several other variates of birds.

Please go visit the other great Skywatch participants at SkyWacth Friday There are wonderful photos from all around the world!Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Guy D said...

Those are all great skywatch shots, thanks for sharing.

Have a great weekend!
Regina In Pictures

Grey Horse Matters said...

Love the big old trees. Boy what they have seen over the years. Nice shots of the skies and like the name too, Horse Heaven Hills.

Anonymous said...

These are really great..I've been following Jack's adventures, but am not clear about what the clinic was for. I guess it isn't medical...Michelle

Anonymous said...

What terrific winter scenes. But my favorites photos are the ones with your handsome spotted butt. And, Jack, be careful about standing under that great oak where the birds gather. You dont need any more "white" on your back.

Dee said...

You have a wonderful blog and beautiful skywatch pictures!

Cactus Jack Splash said...

The clinic was for training. I go to clinics with the DOR to make sure she is well trained, after all there is only so much I can do. I also go to learn new things that the DOR should know.
Thanks for the compliments everyone, I appreciate them.

Patricia said...

Very beautiful shots!
I liked the old oak, I love this kind of tree.
Have a nice weekend!

imac said...

What beautiful views you have.

Janie said...

My view of the mountains in Utah look very similar. Being able to see the big sky is addictive, isn't it?
Your horse has beautiful appy coloring.

Brett said...

To mark the last post of my year long blog a quick thank you for following it.

nonizamboni said...

I loved your sky views. I grew up in Idaho where the Appaloosa is it and Cactus Jack Splash is simply gorgeous! Truly a tribute to his ancestors.
Beautiful blog. . .I'l be back for a visit.
Thanks for sharing.

Lux said...

We always love seeing your Skywatch shots!!!

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

What a perfect place to live with such a wonderful view. I hope you appreciate it Jack. They are wonderful photographs. It is almost summer and your DOR will let you go and sleep under that beautiful oak again. :)


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