More bags

After I got my eyes back in my head and collected all of my lost marbles, a condition caused by a bag being hung off of my saddle horn, the DOR introduced me to another bag. How many bags does she have? Is she a bag lady?
The bag she is holding has three pop cans in it. I was wondering why she was carrying the flag...I would soon find out.

The DOR shook the bag all around me. The rattling cans didn't bother me as much as rattling grocery sacks, go figure that one.
She tied the bag to the flag and began to wave it around me. I poked it with my nose and found out that somehow the cans made the bag behave.

I didn't even mind the bag waving around my face-well at least not too much.

Here I am performing my new job...Cactus Jack Splash Bag Inspector. Yep I am going to inspect bags. I have a feeling that most bags will be found to be defective, having to be disposed of. The bags that have handles that enable them to be hung off of a horse's saddle are most definitely headed to a recycling facility, they can be turned into nice lawn chairs.

As you can tell by the big ol grin on the DOR's face she was very happy with how I did. Glad I could oblige, but I could really do without the bag on the saddle horn the next time.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Sharkbytes said...

Cactus Jack- You do make me laugh! Shake those bags!

Amanda said...

Cute photos of you and Jack

jc said...

Major says ' What is it with these humans? I get the bag treatment occasionally too.

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

Hello Cactus Jack. I am just checking in to see if you are behaving and not giving your DOR a hard time again. She must have an good reason for those bags, so remember, everything she does is for your own good. I know, it was just because the mare was there and you wanted to show off a bit instead that you objected to them. :)

Lux said...

Love the photos! That sounds like a very important job, Jack!

A Bay Horse said...

When I glanced at the photos really quickly, before I read the article, I thought he was eating cotton candy. hehe. My horse would like to be cotton candy inspector! ;)

Mountain Woman said...

Wow, Jack, you are doing so well! I'm impressed.


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