Thanks for the title Eileen!
Yep that's me-Jack-and I am in a box, well actually a trailer. I know the pictures are not the best, hard to see me through the mesh and rain.

I am all loaded up and ready to go to the clinic last Saturday. I had to ride in the very front of a three horse trailer, something about how much I weighed...who cares I had hay to eat. I was real proud of the DOR, she loaded me all by herself-she has claustrophobia and doesn't even like being in the trailer. Because she was being so good I rewarded her by not blowing any marbles. I was then joined in the trailer by one of the mares that I make goo-goo eyes at. WoooHooo, Valentines came early for Jack. It was a 2 hour pleasure cruise with this little red head, I know that all my pasture makes were jealous.

The clinic was fun for the DOR, I am just glad I survived it! I thought the DOR waved a vicious flag and had the biggest selection of "toys of torture" ever, well I was wrong. I get saddled up, worked on the ground a bit and then the clinician took over....
He lead me around from his horse. He waved a flag at me, well not just waved that man could have started a hurricane with the ferocity that he was waving that flag. I worked hard and kept my marbles to myself, but I worked up a sweat doing it. The clinician got done flagging all the horses and then we were turned loose. I thought we were safe, but no he followed us on his horse waving the flag. He made us lope. His claim was we were working on flying lead changes, I think he just likes scaring little spotted (and non spotted) ponies. He finally got bored and the DOR came and got me. I buried my head in her shoulder, "Please save me from that crazy man!" I am not sure the DOR had her mind in the game because the next thing I know the clinician collects me, "Let's have that buffalo chasin horse, he is straight from the Nez Pierce reservation." Okay that isn't so bad, at least he recognizes that I am special. He starts having me move in a circle and the he tosses the "dead man bag" over my saddle. Holy cow poop, it is a cross of the biggest grocery sack ever and a rattling tarp. Yep, you guessed it-the clinician thought I should move quietly in a circle while that thing move up and down at the side of me. Now I hadn't blown a single marble yet, but I couldn't keep it up any longer...I blew a whole year's worth of marbles. My only defence is so did every other horse. After he decided that I was done with the bag for this session I got a rest. Then we had to deal with moving through pressure on both sides and from above while our DOR's lead us around the circle.
The DOR and I then got to go for a short ride...now that was fun. She was so proud of me, she says I did very good. Easy for her to say, but then again she does worry about me getting too emotional. My reward for a good job was another delightful ride with the red headed mare...for that I will go to another clinic and play with the "dead man bag".
So that is the short version of my clinic last Saturday, in the end it was a bunch of fun.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


fernvalley01 said...

I so love the descriptions ,blowing marbles!! and dead man bag, Sounds like you are getting the works Jack, whaen its all said and done you will be the calmest horse out there you wait

Andrea said...

I love it Jack!! The torture toys!! LOL!! You do have some great descriptions. And i am glad you got some alone time with your Mare!!

That clinic sounded like fun, and I am glad you got to go. I would love to ride in a clinic.

Jocelyn said...

Sounds like you two had a good time!

Blowing Marbles... Thats a good one.
My Arab mare was an expert at blowing her marbles.

Betty said...

Sounds like you and your DOR had a good day.Glad you enjoyed your trip with the red head.There are a lot of red heads in my herd. I think you are very smart and I know you learned alot at your clinic.
Hugs and smooches

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

I am learning a lot about the life of a pony, Jack. Keep it up!

Cheryl Ann said...

Oooohhhh, Jack! Blowing marbles! I've NEVER blown any marbles yet! But, I have busted loose from my corral three times! HEHEhehehe!

Victoria Cummings said...

Jack - I've got two red heads who would just love to meet you. Trailer east sometime, big guy. Sounds like you made your DOR proud.


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