I love my friends!

One of my good friends Amanda at Amanda's Veranda. Amanda is a wonderful photographer, a great story teller, and has been a good friend for several years. I truly appreciate all she has brought to my life.
In the course of publishing this blog I have encountered so many wonderful people. It is hard to define what a friend is in this electronic world. Since most of the people that we meet on the Internet we never meet in person. So what is an Internet friend? Is it someone whose beliefs you share, a person who follows your blog, the person who writes the blog that you visit everyday, the individual who stops by once and leaves you a message that just makes your day, or the person who quietly visits your blog anonymously? I think that a friend can be all of those (especially if they have peppermints). That is the great thing about living with horses, you learn that everyone can be part of the herd.
This award belongs to the people who follow this blog, the blogs that I like to visit, to all the blogs I follow, and to the kind people who have dropped by and left me messages. Thank you for enriching my life, for your encouragement, and for caring about one little spotted pony.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR
The DOR is up in Ellensburg visiting Scooby, her blind horse, and Hank the Tank. I hope she has a good time. I am going to roll in mud, tease Harley Darling and Salty the Wonder Horse, and eat like a pig.


Betty said...

Good morning Cactus Jack, Sorry I haven't written for a while,but the last two weeks have been a little hectic. We think we found another one of our herd my son has located his biological father whom he has never seen and I was very young when I knew him it was 55 years ago. We are waiting for the DNA test to come back,but we are sure. the tests are for his family so they can be sure.

Florida Beach Basics said...

Jack - we love you, your adventures, and your wisdom, too!

Denise said...

Cactus Jack, when I visit you I fall in love all over again and wish I had a sugar cube that I could give you but you'll have to do with virtual one :) A very special post that I enjoyed reading very much. Tell that kind person DOR thanks from me. I had to laugh when I found out what that stood for. My husband and his brother have a family joke about soap on a rope. One of their aunt's used to give them one for years every Christmas and now it's a great memory. Just thought I would throw that in. Have a great weekend.

Leah Fry said...

Sounds like a good day to be you, Jack!

Romicas said...

I just loved "travelling" through your blog and reading your words!
Thanks for your comment in my sky on SkywatchFr.


Victoria Cummings said...

We love you too, Jack. You've won our hearts. Congratulations on your award.

Mountain Woman said...

Jack, what a wonderful day you have planned. Sounds like a horse's best dream.
Congratulations on your award. It is so true about people we meet through blogging who we will probably never actually meet. Such a beautifully written post Jack.

mommanator said...

AHH how sweet! sorry DOR is away, but look you get to roll in the mud! how great is that!

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

Trust you to go rolling in the mud when the DR is away. Now that lovely lady that cares for you has to come back and find you dirty and must spend time cleaning you again. I hope she puts you on half rations for a few days!! :)


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