Less words Wednesday-English Appy

The DOR dug out an English saddle to the ranch for me to try out.
I felt a bit silly in it at first, but then I realized she rigged it to use a western cinch (which I really like), so it wasn't too bad.
My niece was very interested in the saddle, but she can't wear one yet!

I am listening to see if the saddle makes weird noise...it doesn't-it doesn't even speak with an accent.

It sits nicely and does not pitch forward like the DORs Aussie saddle did.

I did a few fancy circles for the DOR. I really like how the saddle felt when I moved. It didn't interfere with my massive muscles! I think I might make a nice English horse, boy am I talented!
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Unknown said...

Doesn't speak with an accent. LOL


Split Rock Ranch said...

And don't you look stylin' with that fancy saddle on!

Tara said...

Now that's just funny.


Grey Horse Matters said...

Jack you look like the proper English gentleman, so classy and handsome as usual. Give it a chance you might like it.

Desert Rose said...

now all you need is a top hat and a cane to be a propper dapper ENGLISH gent!LOL

Betty said...

Jack tell your DOR if you have to wear that english saddle,although it does look stunning on you,that she should wear that cute little (Funny)hat and the pants I think they are called jodhpurs. then you would both look grand.
~~Hugs and Smooches ~~

Pony Girl said...

Jack, you look very handsome in an english saddle! That reminds me I have one to try on, too! :)

Boosma said...

My mom had a really nice Lady Wade trail saddle which I looked stylin' in. She sold it and now all we use is a postage stamp close contact Tad Coffin which she loves. It fits me OK, but English tack doesn't let me wear my beautiful mecate.

She says her blog, The Thoughtful Horse, has an award from Cactus Jack, Jack. She couldn't find it though. Can you help her?


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