This is all the closer I would let the DOR after what she did to me today.

For those of you that don't know I have an issue with white things: white paper, white bags, white shirts, white blankets, white handkerchiefs, etc. There is no apparent reason for it, I see anything white coming at me and I beat feet. I am able to deal with Salty being white, but we really don't hang out side-by-side.

The flies have come out at the ranch and are pestering the poopy out of us. We get sprayed, but they still like to bother our faces. So the DOR broke out the fly masks today. She actually bought new ones, the ones from last year are a bit worse for wear. I didn't mind wearing a mask last year. I had nice plaid ones to wear, they came in a variety of colors. This year the DOR bought white masks...what the heck is she thinking? To top it off, they have ears on them-is she the devil, just trying to make me mean?

She came out to the pasture and headed towards me with one of them. I saw a white piece of cloth and took off like a shot. The DOR said "I will just give this one to Salty" and she did. Then she headed for me again and I ran towards my buddy hoping to hide. I had to slam on my brakes and do a fast turn because my buddy's head was being swallowed by that white cloth...see I knew white stuff is bad. The DOR just kept walking after me as I kept trying to get away from the horse eating item she was carrying. I finally had to stop, it is 86 degrees and I was getting tired. The DOR put a lead rope around my neck and showed me the white cloth. I backed up and snorted, but she was persistent. I tolerated getting rubbed with it and the DOR put it on my head without so much as a "by your leave". Well I gave her "by your leave", I turned my spotted butt and trotted over to the hay pile. I don't need hay, we have plenty of green grass, but it gave me a way to pretend she wasn't there. I wouldn't even look up when she called my name to take a picture. Nope I am going to give her heck for a bit. I have on a fly mask with ears and it is white...I look like a spastic Easter bunny. I hate white things! I am trying to figure out how to get this mask off before it becomes permanent, Harley used to take our masks off for us. Of course it does keep the flies away and I can't tell it is white now that it is on my head.

Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


mommanator said...

poor babe-what was the DOR thinking, or NOT thinking

One Red Horse said...

Jack, just wear the dang thing!! I can tell you, there are much, much meaner things than flies that like horses' faces. Wish I had a mask on yesterday but in my pasture, there are too many things for one to get caught on. It might save you from something that really does want to eat your face.

My name is Roxie said...

izzint yer butt white?

Desert Rose said...

Jack...your'e just lucky she didn't put the PINK BREAST CANCER PLAID one on you! It is very pretty but then you would look like a sissy!!! Just take your medicine!

Paint Girl said...

Jack, wearing a fly mask is better than wearing flies on your face! It is almost time for us to break out those fly masks here!

Leah Fry said...

I've never tried fly masks or sheets on my horses. I have always assumed that it's too hot and/or they would tear them off anyway. Both horses are good about being sprayed and having their faces wiped with spray. Finding a silent sprayer really helped there!

Cactus Jack Splash said...

I saw what happened to you...sorry that looks so painful!
Yes my butt is white. That is probably why I am so nervous all the time, I scare myself!
Desert Rose,
I wore a blue, pink, green, and pink plaid masks last year. I am not too sure about the sissy colors, but at least they weren't white.

I did keep my mask on for 24 hours, unlike Ginger who is constantly taking hers off and having to have it put back on.


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