Trail ride

This is Ginger aka Jenny Penny, she is mushboy's horse. Ginger is a nice horse, who would rather not work if at all possible. Mushboy wants to take her on a trail ride, he has never been on a trail ride, so to see how that will go the DOR is taking her out on one today. I am not to sure they will get very far before Ginger wants to lay down and take a snooze-that girl can sleep anywhere.
I can't be ridden anymore, well at least not until the DOR gets me a different saddle. On our last outing the saddle pinched me so badly that my withers are still sore. The DOR thought she had the problem solved, but it only works for a short ride. I got fitted for a saddle, turns out that I need a saddle built for a draft horse. The DOR is looking for a very wide saddle with a round skirt. She is thinking about having one made, but that costs a bunch. I don't mind not getting ridden on the trails, but I do mind not getting ridden around the ranch. The DOR and I are going to work on our dance steps, I get brushed for 20 minutes each day, and we are reading "Believe" by Buck Brannaman.
Ginger better take good care of the DOR or I am going to interrupt every nap she has for the next month!
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Amanda said...

Syndi, I had a custom made saddle and it did not cost a bunch!!
I love my saddle!


One Red Horse said...

Jack, my back used to have big time problems. I'd see a saddle and jump 20 feet sideways. Then me and my mom got together... You and me have very different backs but here is what worked for me. Wintec makes a CAIR system where the saddles panels are actually filled with air. I love my Wintec Pro Dressage. We want their endurance saddle. I REALLY love my barefoot treeless saddle. This is what mom uses when we go trail riding, along with a supracor pad. Mom says she would love to have a Tucker, or Steele cuz they have cool flexible trees - but she spends so much on my carrots they are out of her price range. I know your mom researches things carefully so she will find just the right saddle for you. Oh man, you should get DOUBLE TREAT buckets for a month. You rode steady in a tumbleweed attack with a pinchy saddle.

jc said...

Major has a treeless saddle too but we tend not to ride more than two and a half hours at a time. Very comfy for both of us. Hope your back feels better soon


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