Underbrush report

Harley Darling thought that he would help the DOR out. He knew she was working with me on tolerating underbrush, so he came up with a cunning plan of his own. He stacked most of the sticks on top of each other then he took the biggest one and booby traped the water tub. The reason the DOR knows this is what happened is Harley was spotted rearranging the sticks. I was not too happy with his little prank, made getting a drink a bit hard. You see the really clear shot for water was on the same side that Harley put all the sticks on. Do you think he knew what he was doing?
The DOR brought in a branch with her when she came into the pasture to fix Harley's redecorating. She drug it around behind her, I gave the expected snort. Then she came over to me with the stick, I walked off and snorted. She followed me and scritched my neck. She then started rubbing my legs with the branch. I stood there like a good boy. Harley was busy trying to eat the branch.
She rubbed my front and back legs, no problem. I even let her rub my belly, back, and butt. I was really good.
But to make sure the branch learned its lesson I started chewing on it too. Between Harley and me we showed that branch who is boss!
The DOR and I did some training in the arena on Sunday. She was trying out a new bridle...I did not like it. The bit was a D-ring snaffle, what I usually wear, but the mouthpiece was really thin. I also didn't like the reins, they were roping reins and felt too short and a bit stretchy. While I behaved, I made it clear I want my old bridle back. The DOR understood, she rode in someone else's saddle the other day and was very uncomfortable. I am glad she understands that having comfy tack that works is very important.
I have two weeks to prove I am up to the trail ride. So far so good. On our last ride I didn't spook at the bird who flew up out of the log pile in the arena. Didn't shy at the corner that has all of the barrels and torture toys in it. I even tolerated the horse eating grocery bag during ground work...I let it touch me between the eyes. We are going to practice as often as possible, the DOR really wants to take me and I really want to go.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


fernvalley01 said...

Atta boy Jack !! sounds like the trail ride will be fun for you both!

Betty said...

Good morning Jack, I went on a trail ride once when I lived in Montana it was a lot of fun. My friend, who was a real ole time cowbow fixed my saddle so it was very comfortable. I know when you go on your trail ride you will have a good time
~~Hugs and Smooches~~

Pony Girl said...

"Torture toys", I love it! :) Looks like you are making some good progress! You will love the trails, Jack! No turning back now!

Desert Rose said...

You are working sooooo hard and doing a great job!!!


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