See you soon

I am leaving for "trail savvy" school this evening. The Trailboss (aka Paul Rogers) has all kinds of adventures planned for me, I am okay with that as long as there is no white things! On my last trail ride I got to do plenty of fueling up. Rumor has it that the Trailboss doesn't allow any goofing around, well alrighty then we will see how that is working for him. He is going to be taking me out in the mountains...no sissy trails for me. Well I am going to be for some new things, but I will be better for it according to the DOR. He told the DOR by the time I get home she could rope an elk off of me while shooting video at the same time. Now I know he is joking, the only thing the DOR has managed to rope is herself. Maybe the DOR needs to go to roping school while I am at trail savvy school.
The DOR says I just need a lot of wet blankets to be a good trail horse and she doesn't have enough time right now or a saddle for my massiveness. Well she could break out a hose and soak all of my saddle blankets several times if that is all it takes, that wouldn't take long and would be easy on me. When I suggested that she laughed and informed me that wet blankets referred to lots of ride time...I wish she would just be clear when she talks. I am just planning on coming home in one piece after facing all of the buggers that live in the woods. If I can survive a tumbleweed tornado this should be easy, just a bunch of work-I hate breaking a sweat.
I asked Freedom to post while I am gone. I am sure the old guy has plenty to say. He is also keeping Salty company while I am wearing down my little hooves. I am sure the two of them will keep things entertaining for you.
I do want to let you know that I conned my sister into taking my mask off for me. Not only did she take it off, but she hid it in her pasture and it took the DOR 20 minutes to find it. Little sisters are great! The DOR didn't even bother to put it back on me, something about"the flies can just swarm your face, see how you like it-you will be begging me for the mask soon."-I think she was having a bit of a snit fit.
Well wish me luck and a lack of wild beasts. I have my work cut out for me training the Trailboss.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


mommanator said...

I really do love that Andy Warhol look for you.
You have a blast @ school, hope they treat ya nice!
We'll keep your friends enterttained for ya

One Red Horse said...

Bye Jack, gonna miss you buddy. Tell me if you learn any trail tricks for scouting out those mountain lions when they hide behind the leaves.

Send up updates!

Red Horse

fernvalley01 said...

Good luck Jack, we will miss you!
Make us proud handsome man!

Powell River Books said...

You are going to have so much fun on the mountain trails. Some of my most memorable rides were at mountain "resorts" - rustic lodges that offered rides. Just think of what you can show the DOR when you are all done. - Margy

Florida Beach Basics said...

send us postcards to let us know you are ok. perhaps if you cooperate fully, they'll give you time off for good behavior!

Desert Rose said...

The quicker you become "trail savey" the quicker you come back...Jack! LOL

Dusty Devoe said...

Can't wait for you to get back JACK! Be safe and have fun.

Paint Girl said...

You will learn so much Jack! See you already learned what a wet saddle blanket is now! I think you will really enjoy it, be good so you can come back soon! We'll miss ya!

Victoria Cummings said...

Oh Jack, the blogosphere won't be the same without you! Let's hope Freedom is up to the task, but I already know that he won't have your sense of humor. Be brave and come back soon!


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