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Seeing them out is as important as bringing them along.


While the picture may be a bit humorous, there is nothing funny about many humans treatment of horses that they feel have outlived their usefulness.
It was a lesson the DOR was taught by her grandfather. After all these years it is still a hard one to practice. Part of having horses as companions is making sure to let them cross the rainbow bridge with love and dignity. It is hard to part with a friend, sometimes we want to hold on too long-the DOR has done that and learned the selfishness on her part was not showing her equine companion the love and respect they deserved. She learned that it is better a day too early than a day too late.

Please remember when you horse has reached the time to let it go it is your responsibility to see that it has a proper, loving, dignified end...humans owe us that. Don't send us to "live out the rest of our days" with a stranger or to slaughter, that is poor payment for all we have given to you.

Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR
PS-The trail ride went fine, I think Harely did play one final prank on me though...I will tell you about it tomorrow.


Leah Fry said...

You are so right when you say that a day too early is better than a day too late. I have learned this lesson with house pets and will carry it through when it comes to the horses. No one says it's easy, but it's RIGHT.

Betty said...

MY sister had seven little poodles for 14-21 years and one by one she had to make the choice to send them into the light.It was so hard she was so good to them and loved them so much,but she did what was best for them.I was down in Navada when the last one has to go it was so sad we both cried.

One Red Horse said...

To Jack and his DOR, you both have our deepest regret that you have had to say goodbye to your dear friend Harley. We loved your stories of his humor, inventiveness, and playfulness. We always were inspired that he could show such sweet spirit while living with pain. Most of all, we respect your loving assistance in helping Harley "finish" his time on this earth. Today's post was so right on target, how we help our horses "finish" is as important as how we "start" them. Perhaps more so. Harley could not have had a kinder, more loving team to help him finish. This is a gift you have given him, as you have other sweet horses. Blessings and Hugs for both of you from Red and his mom.

Powell River Books said...

I've had four horses over the years. Three I had to sell while they were still in their prime. One horse was injured in the pasture. As much as I wanted to keep her I knew it was best to have her put down by the vet. It was better than all the pain and the strong possibility that she would lose a hoof. It was one of the hardest decisions I've had to make. I stayed with her through the procedure, but it was quick. And then I waited with her until the truck came to remove her. So sad, but as you say it needed to be with dignity and as little pain as possible! - Margy

Desert Rose said...

I am sorry that my condolences are sooooo late, I think I missed the post about harley's crossing over. I also have had the terrible experience of losing an equine friend. There is nothing that can be said to ease your and Jack's pain. There will be a process of grieving to go through and it will take....as long as it takes.

fernvalley01 said...

Well said , and a timely post for me in a way , I was having tears the other day remembering my old dog and horse that I put down last fall. Better a day early was my philosophy at the time ( and still is ) I was trying so hard to make sure that I let them go before they began to struggle ,and I feared that the first really cold weather would devastate them . Tough call but I believe a good one . Your DOR is clearly a lady of great substance and a wonderful heart , don't you forget to hug her !

The W.O.W. factor! said...

Thankfully, us humans have that right to give our animals the proper passing they so deserve. A hard choice, but the right one!
Unfortunately, we don't have that same right within our own species.


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