Good morning! My name is Freedom Dancer, Freedom for short. I will be guest posting for Jack while he is learning to be trail savvy. Little twerp is always so busy worrying about his fancy rear that he forgets to pay attention about what is going on around him. Well the Trailboss will change that.

I am in my 40's and eat mush. I also don't put up with silliness, at my age I get a bit irritated with the youngsters around here. I belong to mushboy, he saved me from being shipped to slaughter. I like calves but the ranch manager says I am not good about sharing them with their mother's, so I am not allowed to have any.

The "King of Bling", Jack arrived safely to trail savvy school. The horse trailer suffered a tire failure three miles from where he was headed. The hauler was very skilled and made sure everything turned out well.

The DOR spent time explaining to the Trailboss that Jack needed his nose kissed each night, liked a hug, and loves a butt massage. The Trailboss asked if Jack needed a special blankey when he was tucked into bed, the DOR paled and said she didn't bring his blanket but would run it up on the weekend, that gave the Trailboss a good giggle. The Trailboss gave the DOR a bit of a teasing, he said he was going to turn Jack loose in the mountains so he would get used to things, the DOR just about fainted. Jack is actually tucked safety in a nice pasture and paddock, he is in good hands. He won't be getting spoiled and that is a good thing, the DOR has a tendency to baby all the horses (of course I deserve to be spoiled).

I was looking over past posts and discovered that one of the readers asked what tumbleweeds were before they were tumbleweeds. Jack never answered, he will claim he was busy but the truth is the squirt has no idea what the answer is. I know, wisdom comes with age so I am a genius, tumbleweeds are Russian thistles before they are tumble weeds.
Today the ranch is holding Spring Follies. It is a game day for horses and their owners. I am not sure who the DOR is going to take. If she takes me she better hadn't plan on making me wear any silly costumes, I am a dignified old man and deserve to be treated with respect.
Life is so good!
Oh and Jack told me to remember to say: Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Cheryl Ann said...

Hey, Freedom...Cali likes to EAT tumbleweeds! The dry ones! Isn't she goofy?

Paint Girl said...

Welcome Freedom! You are a handsome boy and I am sure you will take over for Jack just fine!

fernvalley01 said...

Freedom ,I am sure will will benifit from your vast experience and insights while Jack is away .

One Red Horse said...
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One Red Horse said...

(Had to remove previous posts - too many typos, sorry!)

Hi There Freedon,

I've always liked mature geldings (Red inserts comment **Lyra has taken over the comments, I DO NOT, repeat DO NOT, have a thing for geldings period - not that there is anything wrong with it**). I'm going to look forward to hearing some words of wisdom on this blog.

Lyra (from the same pasture as Red)

Desert Rose said...

My My Freedom...you are a handsome old gent! Look forward to hearing more from you!!!


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