Just rewards

A friend of the DOR sent her this picture. She said we were to be congratulated for being "Tumbleweed Slayers". The DOR told me I saved us both from being horribly hurt and probably kept her from being killed. Well alrighty then, I will accept that and how about a treat to go with it-after all I am a hero!
The DOR provided the treats. I got my treat tub with a bit extra in it and a 1/2 hour massage. The DOR thought I needed a good rub down to make sure that everything was nice and flexible. I really enjoyed myself, I think I might have even fallen asleep.
I need to thank my trainer for all of the things that I was taught, without that knowledge things could have been ugly. There is nothing better for a horse than to have good foundation training, DORs need good training too.
The DOR and I have decided not to do the competitive trail ride. There will be over 100 horses at it and could be a bit too much. We are going to do another trail ride on the weekend, just a low-key ride. I need a few more wet blankets before I want to go compete against a bunch of horses. Besides I don't want to be around that many horses if there is another tumbleweed twister-that could be nastier than cow poop and we all know that is about as nasty as it gets.
The DOR and I are spending time just hanging out together this week. She and I have learned to do our version of a waltz, so we are working on perfecting it...it is pretty fun to dance as long as no one gets their toes stepped on.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


mommanator said...

great pic! hey does the Dor give out those rubs to others? my back is killing me today!

Betty said...

I am so glad you and your DOR didn't get hurt by the tumbleweed twister. That is a great picture of what could have happened.
You did good.
~~Hugd and Smooches~~

Leah Fry said...

Hmm, I want to hear about the waltzing.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Tumbleweeds are nasty things. Especially the ones that have goathead thorns. Yowza!

When I worked for the airline and had to transport mail and freight across the ramp in the Albuquerque INTL Airport, I'd drive an open tug pulling a bunch of carts.

One day a huge gust of wind came barelling across the ramp carrying a tumbleweed mass the size of a VW Bug and it hit me right across the face and head! What a mess.

I had to file an on the job injury report because the tumbleweed at scratched my cornea really badly and I couldn't even open my eye.

It was funny the reaction I received from Head Quarters back in Philly, though. They thought I was making it up and had no idea that tumbleweeds could bundle up that big and actually hurt anyone.

Yeppers, nasty things, those tumbleweeds. I'm glad you survived 'em.


Desert Rose said...

Sounds like you and your DOR made a wise decision together!!!

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

You are a very brave and wonderful horse, Jack! Good job on the trail, and especially before you even got to the trail!

kden said...

Growing up in Odessa, wa., I'm very familiar with tumbleweeds. They are nasty buggers. Question for you though? Do they go by another name before they are tumbleweeds. Meaning, are they a nice green lush bush before they dry out and blow away? I never really could figure that part out.


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