Jack update

This is my version of Jack at trail savvy school. The trailboss says Jack is in bootcamp...boy I bet Jack doesn't like that one bit.
Jack has been out in the mountains, going up steep hills, and facing trail buggers. The trailboss says that Jack has a tendency to want to do his own thing, I could have told him that! The little twerp figures he knows everything about everything. Jack didn't like having to walk up a hill rather than trot, it was too much work. Jack has also learned how to behave when attached to a highline at horse camp.
The trailboss is also making Jack do some dressage. It is supposed to help him be more aware of his feet and moving them on request. I just busted a gut when I heard that. Can't you just picture Jack and his big ol butt tippy-toeing around an arena?
The trailboss is taking Jack to a saddle builder to have him measured for a proper fitting saddle. That is good, it means more work for Jack and more fun for me watching while he is in the arena. It is a riot watching Jack trying to outsmart the DOR, sometimes it is like watching two of the three stooges.
The DOR is going up for a visit this weekend. She needs a Jack fix and Jack needs a good massage.
Life is so good!Oh and Jack told me to remember to say: Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Paint Girl said...

Thanks for the report on Jack! We miss him! When does he come home?
Sounds like he is learning alot!

One Red Horse said...

Oh Freedom,

Whatdoya figure - will Jack even look at the DOR? Or will he be so desperate for treats he will glue himself to her hip? If it was me, I'd have to show my mom my butt for making me go so far away - butt first, then treats.


mommanator said...

I bet the Dor misses Jack too!
He will have some tall talse to tell when he returns!

Desert Rose said...

Jack...dresage is one of the best ways to help you learn about your feet! Are you wearing a dresage saddle too??? LOL Both of my horses have had to go through it too...so just cowhorse up and do it!


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