Flea Collar

Okay, it isn't a flea collar but it sure does look like what the dogs wear.
The DOR decided since I won't keep my mask on and she doesn't want the flies to eat my eyes I have to wear a fly collar. She used these before on horses that would freak out over getting sprayed or who wouldn't keep masks on. She put one on all of us, I guess she figures I won't feel like a dork that way. Well I feel a bit silly with a bright green band around my neck. The collar velcros on so maybe I can figure out how to take it off.
She took pictures, but luckily for me it was with her phone and her computer isn't speaking to her phone right now...so no pictures of me looking silly.
I do have to admit that the flies are not swarming my face, so maybe I can put up with the collar. As long as I don't have to wear it if I leave the ranch it might be okay.
With the heat the flies are really pesty right now. We get sprayed, wear warpaint, have masks, and now a fly collar. We stand in the sprinklers and roll in the dirt...there is just no getting rid of the darn things. The DOR thought about fly sheets, but decided that I would tear it apart given my history with my winter blanket.
How are you coping with the flies?
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Cheryl Ann said...

My horses need one of those. Heck, hubby and I need one, too!

Paint Girl said...

Jack, you always give me a good laugh every morning! Flea collar!
Hopefully you will keep the fly collar on so the flies stay away!
We use fly predators, they work really well. I haven't had to put fly masks on my horses yet. There are a few flies flying around, but nothing like before!

Desert Rose said...

Ah Jack...you always complain but I know that deep down you really love it that your DOR takes such ggod care of you and your herd!!!

mommanator said...

Ihave never heard of such a thing, guess you have guessed I am not a breader, rider etc, but just adore you! Ya know a DOR has to do what a DOR has to do. And o by the way thanks for educating me on horsey stuff!

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

OH Jack... I'm sorry. I have to wear a nasty flea collar. I hate the way it smells, but I've been scratching so much and going nuts, I think we have to suffer and wear the dreaded things. At least yours is a pretty color. Maybe the bug season will be over soon. - Maggie

Daisy said...

No flies on you, Jack!

It is a very handsome color.


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