Training of the SCC

Coelho has been busy training the Support Crew Chief. Coelho has SCC convinced he can only eat his treats as long as he is holding the tub. So here stands a gentle giant of a man out holding a treat tub for one stout paint gelding...gotta love it! The thought of it makes the DOR think of another special horse who had Calvin, the DORs grandson, holding treats for her. So whenever she thinks of the SCC hand feeding Coelho she imagines this scene. Funny how a horse can turn the most burly man into a little boy at heart.
DOR is gearing up for Rodeo City Equine Rescue's big fundraiser this Saturday. I am still getting my treats, scritches, and butt rubs however she hasn't just been hanging out reading or watching us. I have been hiding my fly mask every evening so she has to find it...I follow her around while she is looking and get more attention. I got a whole hour extra on Sunday night because I hid my brown mask under a white PVC pipe and she couldn't see it for the dirt. She walked past it six times before she finally saw it, I was laughing my spots off over that one. I have gotten my sister Dandi to hide it in her pasture, that doesn't get me any extra attention because she is not in my pasture but it is fun to watch. I am thinking that "stash the mask" is a great game to play with DORs. Sometimes we horses have to be sneaky about getting our DORs to spend plenty of time with us when they think they are too busy.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your


Amanda said...

Snif snif, I will NEVER be able to go a day without thinking of Samba.

Cactus Jack Splash said...

Oh Amanda,
I am sorry, I didn't think when I put that photo up...
Samba was a special horse and she sure loved kids. Navicular disease is the worst! Young, beautiful, kind horses being crippled in the prime of life.

Amanda said...

Don't apologize, maybe the story about Samba can help educate people about this devastating disease and her life will not have been in vain. What an angel horse she was and now literally is.

mommanator said...

lovely toeheaded chils and greta horse!
Funny how minor pics can register old thoughts and remembrances

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

What a great trick... to turn a burly man into a boy!

Cyn said...

That is so funny about the "stash the mask" game!


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