Moving day

My niece and I moved to a new pasture. The DOR thought the old guys needed a break from our rambunctiousness for a bit. That and this pasture needs to be eaten down a bit and the old farts get upset moving pastures so it is up to Shadi and me to mow down the pasture on our own. We can still see Salty and Freedom, so that is good. I am working on taking care of Shandi on my own, it is a difficult job. Sometimes she is a bit bossy and she steals my treats. The DOR told me that I need to work on teaching her some manners, how am I supposed to do that without being mean? Maybe it is by using the same techniques that my mom used on me. I just hope nobody sees me acting like "Auntie Jack", I will get laughed out of the BURLY HE MAN GELDING CLUB. If I don't figure things out soon I will have to call in some back-up.
This is what I had to say when we first moved in. I was lodging a bit of a twerpy attitude. I hope you notice that I still have on the "flea collar", but I am slowly ripping it by rubbing it on things...I will be rid of it soon.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR

PS-there is a new rescue at the ranch. He arrived Sunday evening, I will tell you about him tomorrow. The DOR was so upset about the shape of this horse she wanted to give his owner a big ol appy hoof upside the head BAM!


That Janie Girl said...

Y'all are so awesome to take in more rescues.

And Cactus Jack - don't rub off that flea collar, it's for your own good!!

(By the way...I'm doing a James Taylor Ticket Giveaway on my blog, if you know anyone in Massachusetts!)

Amanda said...

Details I need details about the Peruvian!! My new favorite breed!!

restoration42 said...

Jack, not to worry - us big burley types will hold your spot in The Club. Here are my tricks for putting upstarts in line:
1. Flatten ears
2. Lower head and snake it forward
Rarely have to go beyond step 2
3. Show teeth
4. Use teeth (but just miss actual skin)
5. Use teeth, light nip
6. Turn butt
7. Aim butt
8. First shot with hind feet, make it a near miss
9. Second shot with hind feet, contact

When my sweetheart Coal was here, she would just use her gorgeous huge self and plow through other horses to get their attention.

Enjoy mowing the field Jack.

EvenSong said...

Jack, It was nice to meet your DOR at the RCER sale on Saturday. Tell her I'm sorry I didn't have a chance to visit any, to hear all about you! Take care of that neice of yours! Maddie (Madrigal)

Sherry Sikstrom said...

Ladies like gentle men to Jack , don't you rub that "flea collar off you silly guy!


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