Public Service Announcement.

First Cases of West Nile in Horses Confirmed

The first cases of west nile virus in horses have been reported in Eastern Washington. Two horses, one in Toppenish and one in Prosser have tested positive.

Neither horse was vaccinated. One horse had do be euthanized, the other is expected to recover.

These are the first confirmed cases in Washington State this year of the virus found in horses. Earlier this week (Thursday) the first bird was diagnosed with west nile. It was found in the Prosser area (from KNDO news)

I hate mosquitoes!

Enjoy your swatting and don't forget to hug your DOR


Jackie said...

I am so sorry to hear this. This is getting to be a little scary.

We had our first confirmed case very near to where I live just a few weeks ago.

It was a young boy. Thankfully he recovered.

Times like this make it not so bad living as a partial recluse!!

Hugs for Jack and his DOR!!:-)

mrscravitz said...

West nile was found in Irrigon Oregon a while back. I do not know if it affected anyone or anyanimal. This is hitting close to home. Thank goodness I have vaccinated my equines. I HATE MOSQUITOS TOO!

mommanator said...

I too dont like mosquitos!

Unknown said...

This is not good news - be safe out there everybody.

Desert Rose said...

There should be no reason that horse owners do NOT get the west nile virus shot thes days. Can it really be the money for these folks???

The Author said...

I vaccinated Khrysta for West Nile. I hope the vaccine works. What a terrible illness.

Cactus Jack Splash said...

There are dangers with the west Nile virus shot. Salty can't have the vaccination because of his kidneys and heart-he isn't allowed any chemicals by vets orders.
For a horse with a predisposition to uveitus the shot can trigger a bad episode of it and cause them to go blind.
Sometimes you have to weigh the risks on both sides and evaluate all of your options.


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