No fear

The DOR and I went for a ride the other evening. That isn't really a big deal, but something that evening was... It was the first time since I dumped the DOR that she mounted up and didn't feel any fear at all, not even a little butterfly! We had a wonderful ride, I was able to concentrate clearly on what the DOR wanted without trying to figure out what was making her worried. I always felt like she was waiting for me to launch to the moon, that she knew that I was going to panic if she asked me to do something hard. Heck if I didn't panic during the tumbleweed twister nothing was going to panic me, okay the grocery sack is still an issue but the DOR is afraid of planes so we are even.
I did a lot of new things too while she was riding. I side-passed 8 feet both directions twice for the first time ever! I walked across the horse eating blue tarp 4 times, not one snort. I didn't even run for the hills when the tarp was being drug out into the arena by the instructor. I watched it closely, I didn't snort because I was being an invisible appy so the tarp wouldn't know I was there-I also didn't want to discourage the DOR. I walked over poles and did not tap my feet once. I also nailed turning on the hind quarters and turning on the fore quarters. I was a rock star and the DOR was grinning away. She said it was like heaven, everything was so wonderful.
It seems to me that the two of us have gotten past my werehorse incident. It is nice to have our riding relationship back on solid ground. I have found it takes DORs time to get over their fear, just like it takes horses. I had to be patient, understanding, and careful not to push her too hard. Courage is something that builds slowly, something that needs to be tended so that it doesn't wither and fade away-we have been tending our courage together.
Has your DOR ever lost their confidence? What did you do to help them?
My DOR has been working with trainers, riding other horses on trails, reading lots, talking her fears through with other riders, and starting over from the beginning with me. She found that every rider is afraid at one time or another, it was just something she had never had to face before and she took it hard. Now that she is back to normal, well as normal as she gets, we are going to have grand adventures together!
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR

Rumor alert: the rumor running the ranch is that the Support Crew Chief is getting a horse of his own!
Fine with me, but the DOR better hadn't play with it, that's all I have to say.


One Red Horse said...

Oh Boy Jack, you and your DOR sure have come far together. I'm loving how hard you both work at being a tight, spotted & DOR team. I've got some thinking and some work to do after our big trail ride last weekend.

My mom says I did really good on most parts of the trail. I worked hard and didn't spook ONE time, even though there were some really weird new, potentially predator type things (well, not really but you never know). But I did two things that my mom says we have to work on. One. I started jigging. My mom HATES that. But HEY - my buddy is an Arab, the king of jiggers, and all the mares were checking him out cuz he looked so hot. What was a Red Horse to do?

The other thing is more serious. There at the beach with the big surf and weird elephant seal sounds, when my buddy did his big, floaty in-the-sand Arab gallop all up and down the beach, I sorta went all nutty. I snorted and pranced and danced, and did the death trot and wouldn't canter and was sort of, sort of . . . well, mom said I was buddy sour and that she was scared a couple of times. Oh, not good, not good.

Mom tells me she is figuring out a new training program for me because we need to 100% count on each other when we are on the trail. Sounds like she has a lotta plans for more long trails. I gotta get this one together so we can post do a "no fear" post in our blog too. Oh, and so we can both have even more fun.

Your friend, Red

fernvalley01 said...

Way to go DOR!! glad things are going better !
Jack don't you worry about another horse around , Your Darling DOR has enough love for all of you!

Paint Girl said...

Couldn't have been said better, Jack!
I totally understand the fear with DOR's. I have been struggling with fear issues for almost 3 yrs, since my Paint dumped me. I have gotten better, but still have that little fear in my brain and body. My goal this summer is to ride Fritzy more. I was supposed to ride her on the trails yesterday, but a friend came along and rode her. There's always next time!

mommanator said...

hey thanks for the award, I will have to get the things on my blog, but am pretty busy right now!
Sounds like you and thDOR are in sync! must have been the English saddle experience! teehee

Anonymous said...

You are doing a great job with your DOR - the fact that she trusts you more is great! My DOR is a little afraid of Dawn, the mare that kicked her in the chin and arm 10 days ago - Dawn didn't really mean to but wasn't paying attention to the fact that she was there - this is a Dawn thing - once's she's focussed on one thing nothing else (even people) matter. My DOR has some plans to work with Dawn on her ADD in the fall when Dawn's DOR goes to college, and I think she'll get over being super cautious with Dawn, but it may take some time. Thanks for your posts! Maisie

Florida Beach Basics said...

Jack - unless the other horse starts its own blog, I don't think you have anything to worry about. marge

Desert Rose said...

Jack...as telented as you have become I don't think your DOR will ever look at another man!

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Jack- Pretty soon you will be flapping that blue tarp yourself just for fun!


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